A Z Story: Gift Registries

My most favorite gifts that Z received was from my gift registry at Mothering Earthlings!

Shopping cart cover to keep the germs away!
Shirt from Googoo and Gaga

This shirt from Googoo and Gaga is so soft to the skin! I will order some more! We also received the Learning Years Memory Book which will be useful when Z starts schooling. And another miracle item is the Indigo Baby Jar of Hope. Z has really sensitive skin which turns red with the slightest touch. The Jar of Hope removes the redness within minutes of application!

Rone, the cool mom-preneur behind Mothering Earthlings, is very accommodating in having a gift registry in her online shop. Setting it up is pretty easy: browse through the site, list down the items that you want then email it to Rone, then a link will be given to you to share with your guests! It’ll be easy for your guests as there are several payment methods and an option to ship the gift directly to you!

By the way, Mothering Earthlings can help you beat the Holidaze with their Christmas sale! Shop now!

We also had a registry at Rustan’s Baby and Beyond. There are two types of registry with them: general and specific. With a general registry, you’ll just give a list of items that you want then your guests will just be the one to choose which brand to get. A specific registry means having to go around the store and choose the items you want to be included in your list. This type calls for an appointment, since a personnel will have to go around with you.

My only issue with Rustan’s is the fact that the guests will already be given a list of the items listed and yet, there would still be cases on similar gifts. I hope they can update the list when an item has already been bought. It was such a hassle to bring back all the gifts and exchange it.

And guests, the registries were announced beforehand so there’s no excuse not to get from our listed items. Please take note of the gender, age and interest of the child when buying a gift. We’ve received gifts that are meant for younger babies (and one for a girl!!!).

What were your favorite gifts during your child’s 1st birthday? Do share!


A Z Story: Party Host

Your party host will make or break the event. S/he will set the tone of the program and sometimes, even prepare the games and props needed. We were lucky to have booked a very entertaining, funny, reliable and awesome host! Kakki, my friend from high school, did such an amazing job, our guests were raving about her days after the party!

Kakki, the friend of Jesse!
Complete Mr. Potato Head Game

The kids had fun in all the games that Kakki and I prepared for them. Even the adults took part in the scavenger hunt for Mr. Potato Head’s parts! Since we had extra prizes, Kakki went on to having an impromptu Bring Me game. My favorite part was the Balloon Burst, a modernized version of the “pabitin”. Look at all the beautiful colors and the big smiles on the kids’ faces, and my husband’s too:

Balloon Burst!!!

Kakki is really busy in doing corporate events these days. So I suggest if you want her to host your party, book her right away! I guarantee a stress-free and amazing party in her hands. You may contact her through her Facebook Page or through me.

Thank you for making A Z Story a happy and unforgettable party!


A Z Story: Minutes Before the Party…

Coat and pants from Rustan's, vest from Gap, long-sleeved shirt and bow-tie from Periwinkle
Shoes from Tip Tap Soft Soles. Thank you Tita Elay!
Warming up to the camera...
The camera loves me!
Getting ready...
I'm sexy and I know it!
The bow-tie was hard to put on...
Mommy's HMU by Trixie Gallardo.
I'm going to be Mommy's Little Boy FOREVER. I know it.
One proud Daddy!
Don Zoren!
I'm 1!
Suited Up!

Z actually fell asleep after this pictorial session! We were fashionably late for his own party, but that short nap put him in a good mood.

By the way, our official photographer for the event was RVC Photography. They also covered our wedding, and other family events. We’re really happy with their services because they treat us as family already. I’m just not impressed with their photobooth service, which took too long for a shot to be taken. I’m also not aware if the pictures are available online.


There are still pending posts regarding A Z Story! Watch out for it!