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Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial’s PA TXT Card

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When I was a new mom, I consulted a lawyer friend if I should make a will indicating who I want to take care of my children should I die before they are well-abled adults, a la Raising Helen. Yes, you can say I was praning or over-acting but you can never be too cautious and prepared when you are a mom. And this is why I appreciate the partnership of Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial in providing the members of the biggest mommy community in the country, a Personal Accident Insurance.

So, why is it called PA TXT Card?

Because moms need convenience and efficiency, this personal accident insurance can be activated by just inputting a few taps on your mobile phone. Similar to the load cards of our youth (am I dating myself?!), there’s a scratch box that will reveal your certificate number, your proof of registration.

No paper work. No lines. No hidden agenda.

You read that right: this provides Php. 50,000 for one year.

I want one! How much is it to avail?

For just Php. 500, you get:

  • a Mommy Mundo Passport;
  • a Mom 24/7 Planner;
  • a Mommy Mundo Journey Box – a curated set of items depending on what stage of motherhood you’re in;
  • discounts, privileges, event invitations and;
  • a Personal Accident Insurance from Sun Life Financial!
What’s inside the Journey Box: lots of mom and baby approved products!


I think this is the only accident insurance that has this much perks!

Moms between the ages of 18 to 64 and do not belong to occupations under Exclusions Provision (which can be found in the packet) are eligible to apply. A maximum coverage of Php. 100,000 can be availed by enrolling two cards. This insurance policy provides protection for one whole year upon registration.

This is available during Mommy Mundo events such as the upcoming Expo Mom North happening on July 15 – 16 at Trinoma.

In case you still have a valid Mommy Mundo Passport, just present it during the event and you automatically get a PA TXT Card.

Present during the launch and contract signing are: Karen Casas (Chief Operations Officer Sun Life Philippines); Alex Narciso (President & Chief Agency Distribution Officer, Sun Life – Philippines); Riza Mantaring (Country Head & CEO Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc.); Janice Villanueva (CEO & Founder Mommy Mundo); Jing Lejano (Content Head Mommy Mundo); Regine Chua (Marketing Specialist Mommy Mundo).



Made for moms.

Though, I don’t intend to use this insurance policy, it is good to have since there are little kids dependent on me. If ever, God forbid, something untoward happened to me, this can help my family make the first step financially. In a society where “insurance” connotes a negative impression, the Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial’s PA TXT Card may be a mom’s first step towards a brighter future.

Neva and I with Mommy Mundo CEO and Founder, Janice Villanueva.

I received monetary compensation for this blog post. Rest assured, all my opinions are genuine and from my heart.

Cheesy Chessy

Z’s First Major Boo-boo

I still get weak on the knees thinking about what happened to Z this afternoon. Being the OA mommy that I am, I was the one crying. You see, Z bumped on our door after spinning around. He cut his lower lip and blood was all over his face!!! I totally freaked out, which wasn’t good because it made Z scared as well. I have to remember to stay calm because he feeds off whatever energy I emit. For 2014, I need to stop being the OA Mommy!


Fortunately, no tooth got loose and his nose didn’t break. The doctor assured me that there were a lot of blood because the lips have a lot of blood vessels in such thin tissues. We just had to give Z ice chips to help lessen the inflammation. However, giving Z ice chips made him cry more. The best solution?! Ice cream! Even though he kept telling the doctor and nurses at Healthway “NO!”, he still waved bye and gave them flying kisses!

The Super Lolas came to check up on us. They also told me that this incident wouldn’t be the last! What a way to calm me down right?! But I know they are speaking from experience. They also told me not to be hard on myself because with a very active toddler like Z, boo-boos are a sure thing!

I’m still shaken but I learned a lot, just how the mommy thing is supposed to work! Just hoping for less blood next time.