A Z Story: Party Host

Your party host will make or break the event. S/he will set the tone of the program and sometimes, even prepare the games and props needed. We were lucky to have booked a very entertaining, funny, reliable and awesome host! Kakki, my friend from high school, did such an amazing job, our guests were raving about her days after the party!

Kakki, the friend of Jesse!
Complete Mr. Potato Head Game

The kids had fun in all the games that Kakki and I prepared for them. Even the adults took part in the scavenger hunt for Mr. Potato Head’s parts! Since we had extra prizes, Kakki went on to having an impromptu Bring Me game. My favorite part was the Balloon Burst, a modernized version of the “pabitin”. Look at all the beautiful colors and the big smiles on the kids’ faces, and my husband’s too:

Balloon Burst!!!

Kakki is really busy in doing corporate events these days. So I suggest if you want her to host your party, book her right away! I guarantee a stress-free and amazing party in her hands. You may contact her through her Facebook Page or through me.

Thank you for making A Z Story a happy and unforgettable party!


A Z Story: Party Perks

I guess by now you’ve figured out the theme for Z’s 1st birthday party. Initially, I was against a character-themed party because I wanted to be that mom who thought out of the box and created her own theme. I was thinking of something generic like “Colors and Shapes” or “Everything Zoren” but it would be really costly and will take too much effort on our part, to get the theme across. Maybe when he’s older and be more appreciative of what Mommy could come up with!

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A Z Story: Crowne Plaza Kiddie Party Package

5 months before Z turned 1, we were already looking for venues on where to celebrate his party. We’re not really particular of the place. Our top requirements were: space for the kiddie games, ample parking for the guests and nice restrooms. The first clubhouse we wanted was already booked (so mommies, better to scout for venues earlier, like when the baby’s a month old already!). The second clubhouse we inquired in was available at 10am – 3pm. Knowing our family dynamics, we would be late for our own party if we got that. So, we went to our 3rd choice: Crowne Plaza.

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