On Your 6th

Six feels like a turning point…

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After observing you in school last week, I can really say that my baby has grown up to be a responsible little man. You’re slowly coming out of your shell and you are now more confident of who you are. I’m really proud that you’re starting to form friendships and enjoy playing with your classmates, even if I’m around.

My wish on your birthday is that you don’t lose the curiosity to learn more and ask questions. It might be a difficult task for me to provide you with the correct answers (Why is there a black hole? Why did your grandpa die? Can I go to the moon?) but seeing how you like trivia and reading books transport me to my own childhood.

I used to wonder how this time will be like. No amount of studying and reading parenting books could’ve prepared me. But, we’ll learn together. As with the past five years, you’ve taught me to believe in my capabilities as a mom. I know you’ll bring in more lessons and challenges but I promise you that I will always try my best to focus on you — to focus on what matters.

To infinity and beyond! 

Happy 6th birthday, Z! We’ll make all your dreams come true.

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For My Mama, on Her Birthday

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When I sent this advice to Mommy Mundo for their planner, a huge part of it was from me truly understanding why my mom was how she was with me when I was growing up. You see, I was the typical rebellious hormone-raged teenager who wanted to be liberated from the rules of my parents. Thinking about it now, I’m really thankful that no matter how many times I bent over my mom’s rules, she didn’t give up on me and pushed me to be a better person (Sorry nalang Ma, you didn’t push hard enough to make me go into medicine!)

I know you think you are not a great mom, but you are! But you’re an even better Wawa! I can only be wish to be as strong as you when the day comes that my kids will be out partying!

Happy 55th birthday Wawa! We love you!
Happy 55th birthday Wawa! We love you!

Z is 5!

I can’t believe this handsome little boy is now 5 years old!

Photo by Lianne Baccoro
Photo by Lianne Bacorro

Unlike the past 4 years wherein there’s a full production for a birthday celebration, we opted to have pockets of get-together with close relatives. Maybe this is me, still in denial that I HAVE A BIG BOY ALREADY! Kinda hard to accept that my first baby is now an independent little man, wishing for his own bed and is not that clingy to me anymore!

Photo by Lianne Bacorro
Photo by Lianne Bacorro

You will always be Mommy’s favorite son, no matter how old you get. I can’t wait to go on more adventures with you and see the world through your eyes. I’m just so proud of how you are as a big brother to Y, who tests your patience sometimes.

Thank you for always making me cry happy tears, my love. To infinity and beyond.