October Milestones

Here I go again blabbering that the month went by too fast… But it really did! Hello, Christmas na talaga! But before getting excited about the reds and the greens, I’d like to look back and reflect if I’d been inflating my bubbles (as per Coach Pia) and check what areas I need to improve on to be a #betterme.

Back to blogging


Yes, the blogging mojo did a comeback. I kinda lost it a few months back when I was adjusting with our new normal. And now that I have a new domain and theme, it feels like I’m starting anew. I have so much backlog to finish but it just means I’ve been living a life worth blogging. Naks!

Z turned 4

Aside from his school party, we still went out to celebrate his birthday. He had the time of his life playing in the arcade, eating his favorite tempura, choosing his gifts and blowing his (cup)cake. Four is starting out great!



5th Anniversary

No fancy dinner, no surprise gifts, no plans whatsoever… And that’s just how I like it. Yes it’s a major milestone worth the grand gestures but a simple one was enough. We just spent the day as a family, ate in a restaurant we haven’t tried before and window-shopped. This really speaks of my second love language which is TIME. I’m grateful for my husband who sees to it that he spends time with us, even though we drive him crazy!

First time at Wooden Spoon and I now understand why it is always full.
First time at Wooden Spoon and I now understand why it is always full.

So many things to look forward to in the last two months of 2015!



Z Blasts Off to 4!


“I’m so happy, Mommy!”

These were the words Z said when we came home after his celebration in school. I tried holding back the tears because my parents will say how OA I am again, haha. But these words of appreciation truly meant a lot. It’s the only reward I’ll ever need.

So, what made Z happy?! His solar-system themed birthday celebration, conceptualized by yours truly! It’s kinda nerdy but when you have a little boy who knows the names of the planets, how many moons each planet has and why there are dwarf planets, you’d want to cherish the nerdiness.  To set off the theme, I DIY-ed rocket ships out of tissue paper rolls. They are just 10 in the class so doing this was easy-peasy.


Printed the templates on colored paper, cut and assemble. Done! I just glued a small paper with the details. When asked what these were, Z said: a sphere, a cylinder and two triangles. Uhmm… Okay.

The pièce de résistance for me was the cake. Marie of The Sucrerie was very accommodating, replies within the day and makes damn good pastries. Just take a look at this masterpiece:


Unbelievable, right?! I was hesitant to have a cake like this made because I don’t want to use styrofoam balls for the planets. And then Marie suggested to use rice krispies! Galing, diba?! And it tastes super chocolate-y too, just how the birthday boy likes it. I also ordered cupcakes as a giveaway to the kids and school staff. That icing is heavenly!



I originally planned on DIY-ing the printables needed for the party, like the cupcake toppers shown above. But I don’t really have the creativity for it. As serendipitous as it may sound, I saw The Candy Shop Prints on my Instagram feed and went to their site to check out personalized Christmas wrappers, and my answer was right there! A Build-Your-Own-Party printable option in two themes were available and it’s just my luck that one adapted to our solar system party! I ordered the buntings, gift tags and cupcake toppers. There are also other printables offered like invitations and welcome banner but I like it that you don’t have to order the whole set, unlike in some of the Etsy shops I saw.


That’s the bunting from The Candy Shop Prints. Looks cool, noh?! And it looks so good with our DIY rocket ship photobooth! My brother-in-law made that in just 2 days! Galing! I originally wanted a simpler one – just a box with a painting of a rocket ship. This was beyond expectation and Z and his classmates enjoyed looking (and tearing) at it! The bags below the rocket ship were our giveaways from La Pomme. I first encountered Apol and her plushies at the Pop-Up Kids in Co/op a few months back. Z enjoyed doing the plush craft and I thought it would be a fun activity to give to his classmates. True enough, some were decorating their rocket ships while waiting for their fetchers. For my future parties, I’ll book La Pomme’s craft table to keep guests entertained!


I’m thankful that Z’s school is lenient enough to allow us to bring in a magician/balloonist/storyteller. This was Bry’s idea because my plan was to be the one to read a story to the kids! And I’m glad I listened to him because everyone in the room was amazed at Bravo David! He made balloon creations in popular characters, some were bigger than him, he even made a balloon rocket ship for Z! Bravo David also showed that he’s in tune with his audience when he stopped popping balloons because a little girl was crying. He even gave all of the kids balloon creations! I truly recommend him for any party! It was the first time for me to see Z enjoy a show, and even volunteered. He kinda had a tantrum when it was over.

Z as an alien!
Look at that ostrich!

To book Bravo David, you may email Party Starters at partystartersmail@gmail.com

After the balloon/magic show, the kids feasted on bento boxes prepared by Nanay Des.


I think it would’ve been more successful if the bento box was of a popular character. And I expected a play on food rather than a print out on edible paper. Nonetheless, the food was very delicious! The noodles were cooked perfectly and the creamy beefy sauce made me crave for more. I also liked the nuggets! And the planet cookies were a hit with the birthday boy so it’s all good! The baked spaghetti we shared with the teachers was gone in less than 30 minutes! I think I’ll order another tray just for our family soon!

Thank you to all our suppliers for coming through! And for always replying to me even if I send messages at ungodly hours! All of you have made my little boy’s birthday SPACE-TACULAR!!!

To my big little Z,

Thank you for making our lives funnier with your quips and antics! You are such a sweet kuya to Y and I hope you’ll grow up being protective of her. Continue being curious about the world around you. I will always try my best to guide you. We’ll be in awe of the world together. I love you so much my Z!

From Pluto and back to Earth again,

Mommy <3

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

It’s our favorite mouse’s birthday! Here are a few fun facts about Mickey Mouse:

  • Mickey was originally named Mortimer; his full name is Michael Mouse.
  • He’s fancifully estimated as standing 2 ft. 3 in. (69 cm) and weighing 23 pounds (10 kg).
  • Walt Disney himself voiced Mickey from 1928 to 1947.
  • We all know who Mickey’s friends are, but what about his family? Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse are Mickey Mouse’s nephews while Amelia Fieldmouse is Mickey’s sister and Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse’s mother.
  • Besides Pluto, Mickey has other pets too – Tanglefoot (horse), Bianca (goldfish), Milton and Leeza (cats), Bobo (elephant), Oscar (ostrich), and Gubbles (fish).
  • Mickey likes Minnie, Pluto, friends, having fun, tap-dancing, sandwiches, and adventures.
  • He dislikes being called a rat and being taken advantage of, villains and his friends doing bad
  • Although Mickey is usually shown to have magic powers with the Sorcerer Hat of Yen Sid, it is shown that Mickey can control magic without aid.
  • Mickey is physically very strong, fast, and most notably, flexible, all of which seems to border on a superhuman scale.
  • Mickey made his first appearance in Steamboat Willie, a short black-and-white animation in which music and sound effects were synchronized. The date on which it premiered – 18 November 1928 – is recognised as Mickey’s official ‘birthday’.
  • Mickey’s first-ever spoken line was “Hot Dogs!” in The Karnival Kid (1929). That’s the reason for his “Hot Dog Dance”!
  • His first makeover by animator Fred Moore gave him a pear-shaped body and a shorter nose, and introduced Mickey’s trademark white gloves – first seen in The Pointer in 1939. During this time, and again during the post-World War II period, Mickey’s appearance gradually changed to resemble the Mickey Mouse we know and love today.
Photo from DisneyChannel-Asia.com

To celebrate his birthday, don’t forget to tune in to Disney Channel today! It’ll be a whole day of Mouse-sified fun which starts at 9 AM for the premiere of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Wizard of Dizz!

There’s more on Disney Junior. Be sure also to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse specials, every Sunday of November at 6 p.m., as part of Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday celebrations; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventures on November 3; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo Choo Express on November 10; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Adventures in Wonderland on November 17; and the special premiere of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: The Wizard of Dizz on November 24.

So don your party hats and do the Hot Dog Dance with Mickey and the gang! Happy, happy birthday Mickey Mouse!!!