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Breastfeeding Lounge at Shangrila Mall’s East Wing

Since Shangrila Mall’s East Wing opened, there has been a sign on the 4th level of a breastfeeding lounge. But it wasn’t completed until 2 weeks ago according to the attendant. Better late than never! I’m glad our neighborhood mall is taking nursing moms into consideration. I’m all for nursing in public but if an […]

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Rustan’s Nursing Station

I’m not sure if Rustan’s had a nursing station before the renovation, but now it is located at the 3rd floor in Rustan’s Shangri La Mall. It is conveniently tucked in a small space within the kids section. We’ve used it numerous times when I don’t want to spend money in a resto, hehe. My […]

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The New Breastfeeding Lounge at Shangri La Mall

I’m not sure when the new breastfeeding lounge was officially opened but it was only last week that I got to use it. The lounge is located between Crossing’s and Planet Sports. There’s a sign leading to it along with a female restroom. This is the second breastfeeding area in the mall (the other one […]