On Our Christmas Wishlist: Tegu

Back when I was a preschool teacher, the Blocks Area would always be the popular choice for both boys and girls. From towers to roads, you can do almost anything with blocks. It’s also a good way to teach 3D shapes like how Z knew rectangular prism, cylinder and pyramid. Nothing’s bad about the simple blocks we’ve known and love but what if it got an upgrade? Enter Tegu.

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Tegu is the only handcrafted magnetic wooden blocks available in the market today. Each piece has an embedded magnet, giving kids the option to build up and out. Because the blocks stick together, there’s less frustration on the part of the kids. There’s also the option to play with your creation lest it being taken apart and the wheels move as well. And clean up is easier. Yes, it’s a whole new level on block play! Even I was amazed when I tried it at the recently concluded Expo Mom Holiday. I like that it is light-weight and the colors used are safe, non-toxic and water based. Even Baby Y can hold it and I won’t get scared when she puts it in her mouth.

When you purchase Tegu, you also get to help on socially-relevant causes – reforestation and education. Tegu Blocks are made from Huesito, a hardwood found in Honduras’ forests. To help maintain the abundance of these trees, a portion of sales go to the planting of Huesito. Or you’ll help children from families who work in the city trash dump go to school. With Tegu, you get to play while helping the environment and other kids too!

This is the Pocket Pouch. Bring it anywhere! Perfect for waiting in restos, traffic and plane rides.
This is the Pocket Pouch. Bring it anywhere! Perfect for waiting in restos, traffic and plane rides.

You and your kids can get a feel of Tegu at their booth at the St. James Bazaar at Ayala Alabang on November 27 – 30. They also have a store at Urban Abode Showroom on CW Ortigas Home Depot. For a more convenient option, they have an online store at www.toyspecialist.com.ph┬áIt’s really a great stocking stuffer for the holidays as a kid of any age will surely have limitless imagination while playing with Tegu!

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Christmas Gift Suggestion: Yummy Organics

Sometimes, a cup of brewing tea can ease all the stresses brought about during the day. Add to that a waffle with oh-so-good jams spread on every bite. If you have a relative or a friend who needs a boost this Christmas, why not give them products from Yummy Organics?

It's a #YummyBritishBrekkie Gift Basket!
It’s a #YummyBritishBrekkie Gift Basket!

Yummy Organics is a company started by Audrey Silva and her family. They’ve just relocated back in the Philippines after living in the UK for 10 years. And with their homecoming comes British brands known for excellent taste and quality and 100% natural!

I love the name!
I love the name!

Teapig Teas is not your usual tea. It is made from whole leaf tea, herbs and flowers sourced all over the world, giving the tea its distinct flavor. None of those crap found in the usual teas! I liked the Super Fruit flavor because it tasted like berry juice! And it has no caffeine! The Japanese Popcorn flavor was a nice surprise as well. I added a little bit of honey and it tasted like Christmas morning. Another great thing about Teapigs is their 100% environmentally-friendly packaging. The teas are in a see-through mesh bag that helps bring out the flavor. Price range is from P325 to P395.

Pure tea goodness. Nothing else.
Pure tea goodness. Nothing else.

Another product I got to try was the Wild Raspberry flavor of Tiptree Jam. This company has been making jams and marmalade for over 300 years! And the Royal Family loves them! A jar which is 340 grams goes a long way already for just P235!

To know more about the other brands from Yummy Organics or how to curate a British-inspired Christmas Gift Basket, here are the contact details:




You can also find them on Instagram: @yummyorganics

Christmas Gift Suggestion: Jeterra Fine Foods

If you’re going to get a gift from me this year, it would probably be baked by Rina who spearheads Jeterra Fine Foods. I am obssesed with her Banana Caramel Cupcakes and my toddler loves her sugar cookies. She has supplied most of my dessert buffets and every time, the guests raved about how delicious the goodies were.

Red Velvet and Banana Caramel mini-cupcakes!
Red Velvet and Banana Caramel mini-cupcakes!

This Christmas, Rina has put together Christmas packages and goodies that will be welcomed merrily by any tummy! These are some of her products:

Jeterra Christmas Brochure 2014 D

Jeterra Christmas Brochure 2014 E

Contact details up there! To see more of her works, like the Facebook Page and follow her on Instagram! I swear, everything’s delish!