Christmas Gift Suggestion: Piesa

There’s something about a handmade piece that’s more significant. You’d know that the artist put her heart in making each piece. And that’s what I like about Piesa. I first discovered Piesa through the SoMoms around this time last year. I like that I can use the accessories without thinking that it might hurt my super active toddler. For those looking for gifts for their sister, office mates, titas, Paola, the curator behind Piesa, has some pieces perfect for gifts these holiday season!

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Everything looks so nice, diba?! The accessories can fit right at home in a shirt and jean ensemble or can amp up your dressy holiday looks! I accept Piesa as gifts ha, in case you want to give me something, hahaha!

These items can be made in your choice of colors depending on availability.

Visit Piesa at Mega Fashion Hall (near Uniqlo) or at Common Thread in Rockwell. For other design choices, like the Facebook Page and follow on Instagram. Happy shopping!


Christmas Gift Suggestion: Kracie Popin Kits

When Z first chanced upon a tutorial of a DIY candy making kit on YoutTube, I got really intrigued and searched more about it. Apparently, it’s the latest craze in Japan! Trust the Japanese to turn something normal to something magical! Why not play with your candies, right?! The best news about it is that these Kracie Popin Kits are now available in the country! It’ll be an awesome gift this Christmas!

 Thank you Pebbles and Mae!

Thank you Pebbles and Mae!

Pebbles and Mae of DIYFun_ph are responsible for bringing in the original craze from the land of the rising sun. They sent us three boxes to try out. I think I was more excited than Z!

Tried out one pack first. Z feels like he could read Japanese hahaha!
Tried out one pack first. Z feels like he could read Japanese hahaha!

Though the packaging is entirely in Japanese, it’s not hard to understand the graphics that come along in the instructions. Everything you need is inside the pack already, though some still need to use forks or toothpicks to give more detail to the creations. The biggest challenge for me was stopping Z from eating all the candies! Yes, they taste good!

Ta-dah! Our (My) masterpieces!
Ta-dah! Our (My) masterpieces!

It’s a great bonding activity! Packs are from P250-300. Follow them on Instagram (@diyfun_ph) or send them a text (sms/viber) at 0927-911-3743 for faster transactions. Enjoy!

Christmas Gift Suggestion: Grandma’s Secret Products

Are you still in a rut on what to give your MIL or favorite aunt this Christmas?! Fret not, because Grandma’s Secret is out! These highly recommended products will surely be an added arsenal to any woman¬†donya who generally has everything.

I love Grandma’s Secret!

According to the very fab Tin Dychiao, she discovered Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover in New York, which she candidly shared in this post. Thanks to Tin, we are all in on Grandma’s Secret!

Spot Remover

We have an on-going joke within my family that when you’re wearing white, you cannot eat Filipino spaghetti. But with the Spot Remover, there’s no need to worry about the tomato sauce ruining a perfectly white shirt! This is really made for those who want to preserve clothes to last their worth or more! It can even remove unsightly grease and oil stains and even blood! So moms, don’t be afraid when your toddlers want to eat their pasta without the utensils; you can just put a drop of Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover on the stains before washing it and voila!

Goo Remover

I like buying ballpens. What I don’t like is the icky, sticky feeling that the price tag leaves when you take it off. We now have an answer to that: Grandma’s Secret Goo Remover! Hooray to clean feeling new pens! I think this will also benefit those moms who has budding artists as this can also remove glue and crayon marks on most surfaces. Check out photographer Cam King’s blow-by-blow account of this wonder product.

Jewelry Cleaner

My skin is acidic and sadly, that affects the vibrancy of my baubles. I have to bring them to a jewelry cleaner regularly to keep them looking like new, and that kinda costs a lot. So, I’m really thankful that Grandma’s Secret Jewelry Cleaner is super affordable. My necklaces and earrings will always be sparkly now! This is safe enough to be used on diamonds, precious stones, gold and silver. Just spray onto the surface and brush lightly. Sparkly jewelry for all the donyas!

If you would like to give these as gifts, or get it all for yourself, it is available online through You will also find them at Nurture Nook and Babyland Shaw.