Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Coach Pia of The One Core teaches us how to build our kids' self-esteem.

As usual, I learned a lot from Coach Pia during our #BetterMe session held last November 20 at Cafe 1771. It was also assuring to know that some of my parenting philosophies help in building my son’s self esteem. Continue reading “Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem”

Another Fulfilling Session with Coach Pia

I’m always bursting with positive energy whenever I attend our SoMoms’ Coach Pia sessions. We’re truly blessed to have Coach Pia enrich us with her wisdom, inspiring all of us to be better versions of ourselves. Last August’s session was the continuation of our talk about building healthier relationships (my notes from the July session can be viewed HERE). I was really interested in learning about ways on how to be a better wife to Bry. Being married for just 3 years, I know that there are still a lot to work on, especially now that we are adjusting with a toddler and a new business venture. And as what Coach Pia mentioned, our relationship with our husband shapes our children. Well, I know I want Z to grow up with less issues as possible, so I’m willing to work on having a healthy marriage. Continue reading “Another Fulfilling Session with Coach Pia”

Building Healthier Relationships

Because I am striving to be a better version of myself, I need to learn how to have healthier relationships with the people around me. And almost a month after the SoMoms’ session with Coach Pia on building healthier relationships, I must admit, there have been positive changes:

I now set appointments with my husband.

Continue reading “Building Healthier Relationships”