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Hi, Hello and a Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I feel extra great today because Mr. Sun is out! We’ve been cooped in the house because of the weather the past few days. I didn’t want to risk the kids getting coughs and colds, but guess who caught a bug?! ME!!! And as mommies, you know how hard it is to get […]

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A Euky Bearub Giveaway

When Z entered summer classes, I observed that he frequently got coughs and colds. His pedia said that it might be the exposure to a new environment and people that caused this. Add the fact that he’s no longer breastfeeding, he’s become more susceptible to the common virus. I don’t usually give medication unless he’s […]

Cheesy Chessy


It’s the third day that I’ve been feeling under the weather because of my colds. And now I can feel my throat starting to get itchy. The little boy has started sneezing too. But unlike me, his energy levels are way above the roof. On my bedside table: Vapor soove is heaven-sent! Helps me breathe! […]