How To Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke

The current theme of my life is “investing“. I’m investing on my health which is why I’m doing Pilates; I’m investing on this blog which is why I’m diligently updating it; I’m investing on my relationship with my husband which is why we’re having breakfast dates regularly now. In a sense, my “investing” is to ensure a healthy relationship with myself and the people I love – my passions in life.

But investing comes with a cost. And for someone who doesn’t have a regular paying job, I need to know how to make my money work for me, while I pursue these passions. Hey, I’m not getting any younger and the kids’ needs are increasing (in price and quantity!) So, I’m very happy when I received an invitation from Security Bank’s event aptly titled: How To Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke.


It was a gathering of mostly mommy bloggers and social media influencers who want to learn more about where to put their hard-earned moolah! Two momspirations shared their stories and reflections on how they are pursing their passions: Christine Dychiao and Monica Manzano.

Monica and Christine shared how they are pursuing their passions 🙂

I related more to Christine’s talk because she talked about shopping, hahaha! But, now that she’s practicing the KonMari method, she makes sure to only buy items that spark joy and of high-quality. She mentioned “thoughtful consumerism” and I think I practice that by buying from mompreneurs and supporting local brands. Like Tin, I also don’t have a problem using second-hand items – for my second baby, I welcomed all the used baby clothing because I know that she’ll just use it a couple of times.

One of Tin's shopping tips!
One of Tin’s shopping tips!

Monica’s story on the other hand, reminded me of the book “Dare to Fail”. Imagine using up all your money to buy a lot and build a house in a faraway province, without a back-up plan! Needless to say, they moved back to the city and rebuilt their lives. But because she is attuned with her passions, she bounced back and is now co-heading Flow Retreats, a business she gets to live her passions in!

Monica shared what she learned when her plans didn't work out.
Monica shared what she learned when her plans didn’t work out.

After hearing these two share their stories, I felt the need to sit down and reflect on how I can turn my passions into money-making ventures. I’m still thinking of the HOW, but now I know that I can start investing my money, so that even if I fail (like Mon), I’ll still be financially-stable. I think that’s the beauty of UITFs or Unit Investment Trust Fund – it is an easy and convenient way to invest your money in the financial markets.

More about this on

Stock Market, Investments, Trust Funds… These are all alien words to me, all the more that I should get Security Bank’s services. Professional investment experts will help choose the appropriate investment so that the client will get favorable returns. Minimum investment is just Php 10,000, which for me is not that scary to shell out, given that my money will be managed by a professional and I can track its performance through their website.

Different kinds of UITFs.
Different kinds of UITFs.

So, here’s my plan:

  • First, I need to think on how to turn my passions into profit.
  • Simultaneously, I’ll open a UITF account with Security Bank, because there’s no better time to start investing than now. I can just add funds later on.
  • To open an account, I’ll utilize Security Bank’s Human Switch Kit, so that I don’t have to deal with the traffic!

Isn’t it exciting?! I’ll keep all of you posted! Let’s all turn our passions into profit-making business!


ExpoMom 2016: The Motherhood Journey

One of the things that make being a mommy fun is the events presented by Mommy Mundo. I just realized that Mommy Mundo has been a big part of my mommyhood, I would be lost without it. It’s where I met friends, discovered new products, got blogging gigs and learned that I am never alone in the motherhood journey. I’m super grateful to Janice and the Mommy Mundo staff for always making fun events to attend to. Most of the time, it’s sort of a reunion for the mompreneurs or a first-time meeting of clients and sellers. It’s always fun to see mommy friends and their kids during these events! Sadly, I’ll miss this one but I’m encouraging all the preggy ladies and moms out there to go to Expo Mom 2016!

Expomom Flyer FA 4-12-01
Expo Mom will be on April 29-30, 10AM-10PM at the Glorietta Activity Center.

Whatever stage you are in in your motherhood journey, expect something for you at Expo Mom! Entrance is free of charge but any amount of donation will be accepted for the Mommy Mundo MOMSHARE fund which helps Childhope Asia and Alpabasa. It wouldn’t be a mommy event without a breastfeeding and diaper changing area. Toddlers can play at the play area by Mott’s 100% Apple Juice. Everyone is bound to have fun at Expo Mom! Talks, games and raffles will happen throughout the day.

Speaking of prizes, Mommy Mundo wants you to share your #themotherhoodjourney stories so that us moms can learn and be inspired from each other. Through a raffle, chosen moms will win super exciting prizes like a Aprica Stroller worth Php. 24,999.75 or an ETL Learning Book Set that costs almost 50k! Here’s how to join:

  1. Follow Mommy Mundo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. Use the icons provided to indicate what stage you are in your motherhood journey. Use the appropriate hashtags when posting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3. Post a personal photo with a short story of your motherhood journey on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Make sure your account is set to public until the contest ends on April 30. Tag @mommymundo and @expomom in your post and use the following hashtags: #themotherhoodjourney, #expomom2016, and #mommymundo.

4. Share the Expo Mom 2016 official poster on your social media pages and say that you’re going to @expomom.

* For prizes and other details click HERE.

I’m sad that I’ll miss this event. But you know what?! Mommy Mundo is on the go! And they’re taking Expo Mom all over the Philippines. Check out the poster and save the dates!

MM On the Go Updated 0413

Thank you Mommy Mundo for being a big part of my motherhood journey <3

Welcome to The SchoolRoom!

Last week, Z and Y got invited to a trial class at The SchoolRoom.

IMG_2374 IMG_2381 IMG_2384 IMG_2391 IMG_2393


I was quite surprised that Z went inside the classroom without hesitation and followed the teacher’s instructions. Y was happy to see books and manipulative toys. She even sat down and made her own stained glass art. When it was time to go home, it was hard to pry Z away from the indoor playground and I had to promise that we will come back again.


As a mom, I think that’s a sign that my kid enjoyed his time. And as a preschool teacher from another lifetime, I saw how this school can easily be a top choice to parents who are looking for a progressive preschool.

Here are 5 things I like about The SchoolRoom:

  1. Even though the renovation is not yet finished, I’m loving the cool vibe you get once you go in. You’ll see the colorful playground and a rainbow spiral stairs. I thought before that it was cramped from the outside; but it is spacious, big enough for little kids. Parking might be a problem since the school is along the main road. However, a companion can bring the child in or a designated school guard can assist the children from the car to the school. These’s also a waiting area for parents and yayas inside.
  2. The furniture are the right size for the kids. Little Y was comfortable sitting on her chair to actually finish her work. The floor benches used during Circle Time looks welcoming too! And those clever octagon tables! It can allow the whole class to sit in one table without being cramped, and for the kids to still have their personal space. I would just suggest having the shelves corner rounded so that it will be safer. The restrooms will also have kiddie-sized toilet bowls and urinals. The sink was just the right size for Z when he washed his hands.

IMG_2396 IMG_2397 IMG_2398

3. Being in the center of the Ortigas business district, offering a daycare program is such a big help. Imagine being a working mom then your helper suddenly decided to pack her bags and you can’t be absent from work. What to do?! The SchoolRoom Daycare accepts children ages 1.5-5 from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. And it’s not just a place where you’ll leave your child. They will provide learning activities to ensure a stimulating environment to nurture the child’s development. They will also have a dedicated area where the children can nap or have quiet time. Lifesaver, diba?!

4. The directress, Teacher Tiffany surely knows how to interact with children and keep their attention. She showed them a ukelele (picture above) and even let them try strumming it. She’s also got a nice voice and introduced new songs to the kids, which Z sings until now. I liked that she gently reprimanded Z when he was being rowdy. The whole trial class was hands-on and experiential, and even with just meeting the children that day, Teacher Tiffany did a superb job.

5. They have the cutest shirt as uniforms! It also comes in red and yellow, the school’s colors that represent basic skills the children will learn through the thematic program.


So here’s where the bias comes in… I’m friends with two of the school’s owners. Raquel and Nicole are both members of the Taekwondo Varsity Team when we were in college so you’ll have a sense of their dedication and determination. Along with Vanessa, their chairperson, all three of them are nitty-gritty from the renovation to the materials to the curriculum.

It was like a college all over again, haha!
It was like a college all over again, haha!

If you’re on the look-out for summer activities or a preschool this coming June, don’t hesitate to visit The SchoolRoom!

The SchoolRoom

AIC Gold Tower, Unit 106 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center