Mothers Who Brunch x Discovery Primea [Part 2]

You can read the first part HERE.

On the 3rd floor of Discovery Primea, you’ll find the amenities offered in the hotel.


Yup, you read that right. There’s a chapel in the hotel. The Chapel of the Annunciation is solemn and serene with marble and wood design  It was designed by the same architect who made the Church of the Gesu in the Ateneo campus. This was my first time to see a chapel inside a hotel.

Masses are held here for the guests and staff.
Simple but eye-catching wood carving on the side panels.

Discovery Primea’s 37 Degrees Gym houses state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. No excuse to slack off in exercise even during a business stay or vacation!

TechnoGym is a high-technology gym equipment wherein you can save the exercise program you’re doing in a flash drive.
Favorite gym equipment haha!
Lift weights before indulging in the buffet!

The pool was very inviting and I think Y wanted to take a dip! Complete with lounge chairs and a pool bar, the 20-meter heated infinity pool is not to be missed!

Relax and enjoy the Makati skyline.
Relax and enjoy the Makati skyline.

What’s a day with the girls without shopping?! Luckily for us, the hotel has an in-house lifestyle shop, Lily, which sells locally-crafted goods like bags, shoes, dresses and home decor! They also offer gift-wrapping services.

You can also shop for toiletries, snacks, laundry materials.
Crochet goodies!
Girls and shoes <3
These dresses are hand-sewn by two ladies from Laguna. You’re sure to have a unique piece!
Abre Linea is one social enterprise I support!

After the tour comes the pampering! Terazi Spa is the only spa in the metro that offers hammam, a traditional Turkish ritual, where you’ll lie in a stone table and stay in the room that has temperature going up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Half of the group opted to have a full body massage or a facial, which they said was very relaxing! Actually, just being in the spa was relaxing enough for me since it smelled of lemongrass and eucalyptus! I can’t wait to go back and use the gift certificate they gave us!

Welcome drinks
Couples can opt to relax together here!


As for me, I chose to have my pampering at Toni & Guy. My hair was badly needing some attention and this invitation came at the right time! Sab, Helene, Mish and myself had our scalp and hair scanned by a Kerastase device, in order to know which hair concern should be addressed. I found out that my scalp is oily but my hair is dry! Kinda weird isn’t it?! But you have to remember that the scalp and hair are two different parts! So, the treatment they gave me was suited for my scalp and hair’s problems. And then, I got my hair cut and framed my face with bangs! I felt like a new person!

You can also go here even if you’re not a hotel guest.
So cool!
Getting scanned!
The status of my hair strands!
Some chemistry class proved to be useful!
The Kerastase products which I need to use!
My fringe! I wish I could have curls like that for everyday!

To this day, my hair still feels healthy! And the fringe helps in concealing my forehead, hehe!

Thank you so much Mothers Who Brunch and Discovery Primea for this day! Truly one for the books! Pampered, fed and refreshed! Just what this momma needs! Looking forward to our next brunch 🙂

Part 1 is about the rooms and dining options in Discovery Primea. You might want to read about it too!

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My Hairshaft Experience

I don’t care much about my hair. Even when it was falling off post-partum, I’d just tie it, use a regular shampoo and conditioner combo, and basically forget about it.

But I needed a change.

So when I sat down on the salon’s chair and the stylist assigned to me asked what I wanted to do to my hair, I said “Drastic!” I showed him my pegs which I got from Pinterest. Carl, the stylist, pointed out how he could achieve it with my hair with  little changes because my hair is really thin. He also suggested to have my hair colored for the full effect. I was a bit skeptical about hair coloring since I was preggy. But I read the ingredients list and called my OB who gave me a go signal. The color was oil-based with no ammonia. There was no smell of chemicals during the application and moreso when it was washed off! But just to be on the safer side of things, I used a mask throughout the procedure.

I should've brought my MomBabyFabric mask!
I should’ve brought my MomBabyFabric mask!

I love the cut and color of my hair! I feel sexier and even with the baby bump, I feel lighter now that I don’t have to put my hair up in a bun all the time. My husband likes it too and thinks that I am a step closer to being Posh Spice, hahaha!

IMG_8633 IMG_8639

Even though it was my first time at Hairshaft, I liked how all of the staff treated me, as if I was a regular there. Everybody was praises after my cut and I felt like a model because there was an Instagram session after! It was a bit pricey, higher than what I would usually pay for a haircut, but I needed that drastic change, and I got the results that I wanted so every peso was worth it!

Highly recommend Carl!
Highly recommend Carl!

Hairshaft is located at 2nd level of Podium. My stylist Carl can be contacted at 09182527621 for appointments.

Z’s First Haircut

Last August 6 marked a milestone in Z’s life — he finally got a haircut!!! Haha, he’s turning 3 soon and it’s just now that he sat down in those specialized kiddie salon chairs. He got that gene from me.

While we were at Robinson’s Magnolia, my husband encouraged Z to go in Kutie Kuts, and thankfully, because of the available videos and toys, the little boy obliged. There were a lot of toys in there to entertain the little ones. The haircut was going smoothly until the barber needed to use an electric razor. Sound-sensitive Z wasn’t getting any of it! He was starting to get irritated and wanted to get out of the chair. I’m sure the barber was used to those reactions so he gave my son a few minutes to play and then proceeded again. It was probably the longest 20 minutes of Z’s life but at least he got over it with minimal fuss. I was expecting bawling and yelling, but nope.

Is that a look of terror?
Is that a look of terror?
Old Hi-5 videos to distract him.
Old Hi-5 videos to distract him.
Almost done!
Almost done!

They give out a stamp card wherein you can get a prize after the 10th haircut. By the looks of Z’s hair growth, we might use that card until he turns 10 years old, haha! And because it is a milestone, we were given a certificate, yay!