Tried and Tested

Now Open: Active Fun in Shoppesville

We were thrilled to know that Active Fun has a branch very near to us! This means an easier way to plan after-school play dates. Z and Y checked it out and we liked what we saw. The area is divided into two – a pretend play area and a more active playground type. You […]

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Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial’s PA TXT Card

Sponsored Post When I was a new mom, I consulted a lawyer friend if I should make a will indicating who I want to take care of my children should I die before they are well-abled adults, a la Raising Helen. Yes, you can say I was praning or over-acting but you can never be […]

Cheesy Chessy

Committing to Focus on What Matters

After the birth of Y, I got overwhelmed with all the tasks I needed to accomplish. Add to that the insecurities I felt because a lot of people were commenting on how big I got. I was awashed with a flurry of negative emotions: sad, incomplete, lost. And it was hard to accept because I […]