Rockin’ it Out with School of Rock!

My kids and I went to our first rock concert!

Say what?!

Yup, you read that right. But, Z and Y weren’t the only kids present. In fact, the concert was being performed by kids!


Welcome to School of Rock!

School of Rock Philippines is the first branch in Asia. It has over 150 branches all over the US and is the leading music school there. It takes pride on its non-traditional approach on teaching music. They believe that in order for kids to “learn” they need to have a feel of the instruments right away. No music theories, do re mi’s, time signatures… you know, the stuff which might bore and intimidate kids! When you enroll in School of Rock, you’ll be asked what type of music you listen to or which song you want to learn how to play and they teach you that. This helps in keeping the kids interested and have lots of fun. Music theory will just be injected along the way, especially when the kids get to play songs with each other! You know, like Jack Black’s movie, which is loosely based on the founder’s life, Paul Green.




The kids were amazing!!! Imagine listening to A Thousand Miles or Flashlight being performed by kids ages 6 – 12! I can’t wait for Z to try their classes out. They teach guitar, bass, vocals, keys and drums. Their programs are:

  • ROCK 101
    The “entry” into School of Rock provides a combination of lessons and rehearsal room learning.
    Songs are chosen to develop basic skills, before jumping into live shows. Rock 101 lets beginners
    learn the basics including technique, music theory and the dynamic of playing in a group. The
    program includes one 45-min private lesson and a 1.5 hour group rehearsal every week (total of 9
    hours per month ) to get them ready to rock.
    The best way to learn is by doing! Our core Performance Program lets kids show off what they’ve
    worked for – on stage. Kids learn performance, harmonies and musicianship. The Performance
    Program introduces the team element into music instruction. Students choose from new show
    themes every season. The program includes one 45-min private lesson and 3 hour group rehearsal
    each week during show season (total of 15 hours per month) to get ready for their gig.
    For adults 18 and above who still want to rock. Whether you’re an experienced musician looking to
    get back on stage or just learning for the first time, with our Adult Performance Program you will
    learn from our amazing staff of professional musicians and get individual instrument lessons along
    with weekly band rehearsals on your way to performing live on stage. It’s time to grab your guitar,
    warm up those vocals, and prepare to rock. The Stage is Now Yours.

Adult classes, yo! I think my dream to be in a concert might just get fulfilled! The concert happens three times a year, where the kids get to show off what they’ve been working on the past 12 weeks or so.

I especially liked the warm feeling the instructors show their students. It’s a rock n’ roll community where each one supports the other. The Rodriguez family told us how their son bloomed from a shy little boy to someone who can get the crowd on their feet while singing to The Beatles or Led Zeppelin!


It’s a plus that the instructors in School of Rock are legit band members. They would really know how it is to play on-stage and have musicianship with your fellow band-mates. As with their tagline: inspiring kids to rock on stage and in life, they believe that being in School of Rock is more than just learning how to make music. It’s about building a camaraderie with your fellow music lovers while building your confidence, discipline, persistence and social skills – traits you need in real life as well.


They have a lounge where the kids can hang out after lessons and build long lasting friendships set on music.

Visit the School of Rock with your kids (they have free trials!)! They are located at Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center. For their schedules and rates, here are ways how to reach them:

Contact Nos.: (02) 571-8021 / (0922) 834-2455




Instagram: @schoolofrockph

These mommas rocked it out!
These mommas rocked it out!

Preschool Jitters

FocusedCreative Commons License Vince Alongi via Compfight

Preschool is not yet opening for another 2 weeks. But there are some things which you can do with your child that may help them in easing into a new environment:

  • Schedule a school visit. This will help your child in getting familiar with the school materials. She/he will have something to look forward to on your next visit, which may be the first day of classes. Your child will also see that you trust the people in school, making it easier for him to warm up to them and eventually, trust in them as well.
  • Have a countdown. Be it a calendar or tearing up links of paper, this will surely amp up the excitement! Remember that your kids need a lot of conditioning in order to accept a new thing or event. By doing this, she/he will feel that you are excited also and that school is something to look forward to.
  • Do activities during the time that she/he is supposed to be in school. Most kids still rely on their body clock to do their routines. So having activities at their designated time will help their bodies adjust. You may also copy the school’s routine and songs to further enhance the experience.
  • Prepare her/his things together. You need not buy new stuff, his current water bottle and extra bag will do. Or if you really need to buy, make a pictured list that will allow her/him to help you while shopping. It would also be a fun learning experience labeling his things with his name!

Sure, there may be tears (mostly from you), but that wouldn’t mean that the school year will turn out bad. Crying is absolutely normal. In just a few weeks, your child will be the one to tell you to leave her/him in school.

This made post made me miss teaching! How I wish I could go back to school. Are your kids going to school already?! How was it? Please share your stories in the comments section!