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My Brave Little Z Part 2

Warning: graphic content

Read Part 1 HERE.

So, here’s what happened during Z’s teeth extraction…

He was scheduled for operation at 8 in the morning at Centuria Medical Makati. We were there an hour early but there was no electricity yet as some parts of the building were still under construction. I was worried that Z will throw a tantrum or ask for food (no food or water since he will undergo anesthesia) because we were waiting for so long. I wasn’t too keen on rescheduling everything. It’ll be another day of stress for us. Thankfully, the electricity got restored a little past 8 and everything was a go!

I tried my hardest to keep calm. We were briefed by the pedia anesthesiologists on how they were going to sedate Z. We were assured that he’ll only feel uncomfortable when he smells the sleeping gas and will just go to sleep from there. I’m thankful that they answered all our questions and gave us tips on how to comfort Z when the anesthesia wears off.

Because Centuria is a fairly new hospital, they don’t have scrub suits for kiddie patients yet. Z wore a regular scrub suit but didn’t want to wear the cap. I was relieved that he didn’t resist when we were dressing him up. I carried him to the operating room and sat him down on the dental chair.

IMG_2606 IMG_2605

As expected, he resisted in smelling the sleeping gas only because it was a new smell. He was even holding his breath! When he was knocked out, he got an IV line and the anesthesiologists intubated him. When everything was in order, my mom dragged me out of the operating room and we went to have breakfast. She was more anxious than I was!


After eating breakfast and nursing Y, I went back inside the operating room at around 11:30 am. The crowns were in place and only 1 tooth was left to be extracted. It was a little crushing to see your kid in that situation. It made me think of Caitie and all the other kids who live with needles and wires every day.

IMG_2618 IMG_2616 IMG_2620

After 6 teeth extraction, 2 fillings, and a silver tooth, Z was wheeled in the recovery area, still sleeping. I asked for Bry to be allowed in so I’ll have help. It was close to 1 pm when he started waking up, crying, asking us to remove something from his mouth. I think his gums were still numb he thought something was blocking it. Blood was still trickling from his mouth but thankfully, he didn’t vomit as what was expected after undergoing general anesthesia. We had to hug him just so he’ll refrain from touching his mouth. When he finished a pack of Dutchmill, that’s when we knew that the medicines were wearing off.

IMG_2623 IMG_2621

You’d expect that after a grueling morning, we’d be going home immediately. But no. We still went around Century Mall which was just across the hospital! And there, Z got his prizes (thank you Wowo and Wawa!) and even asked for food! Sadly  (or not!), he was on soft diet so I got him Bono Gelato’s Milo Dino! But he still asked for food so we just ordered pancakes and gave him small pieces to nibble.

I’m just so relieved that everything went well and that Z didn’t have a hard time adjusting now that his front teeth are gone. He even said that he looks like a vampire!


Now, we always make sure to brush his teeth especially after eating sweets!

I’m grateful for the competent team of dentists and pedia anesthesiologists and hospital staff who took care of us! For those asking, here’s our pedia dentist’s details:

Dra. Crissy Capicoy

BrightSmile Ave. Dental Clinic

Unit 305 McKinley Park Residences, 3rd Avenue, BGC


Hooray for my brave little boy! I hope I could muster enough courage to have my teeth checked, haha!

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Z’s Moving Up Day

We’ve celebrated another milestone – Z’s first school year ended with a bang!

First day of school.
First day of school.
Last day of school.
Last day of school.

It feels just like yesterday when we brought him in for his first day. And now, we’re done and moving on to a new, bigger school!

All white during the Moving Up Ceremony!
All white during the Moving Up Ceremony!
A very silly school picture!!!
A very silly school picture!!!

Here’s a few realizations I’ve listed down in my journal across the 10 months.

I need to ante up my baon-making skils!
I need to ante up my baon-making skils!
  • My anxiety transfers to Z. Which is why I can’t be the one to bring him to school. If it will be me, he’ll just cry. Lesson learned: don’t be too much of a drama queen! Haha. Seriously though, I’m lucky that my husband is strong when I’m weak. He took on the role of bringing Z to school and adjusted his work schedule to do so. As the school year was coming to a close, I felt more relaxed. And it was then that I got to bring my little big boy to school!
Making friends. One thing I loved about his school was the spacious outdoor playground!
Making friends. One thing I loved about his school was the spacious outdoor playground!
  • During one of our #BetterMe sessions with Coach Pia, she gave us a situation: your child is playing in the playground while you sit and watch over her. One kid did something to her which you didn’t quite like but your child didn’t seem to mind. What should you do? Coach Pia said that if your child does not say anything, DO NOT REACT. Do not prod or worse, reprimand the other child. If your child didn’t react to the situation, why should you. This stuck to me. And it has been put to good use as Z got in a class where they were 9 boys! Imagine the energy in that classroom; there would really be active and rough play. If we were to react to every time we see Z get bumped or lose, we’d be raising a very weak and dependent boy who would not be able to stand up for himself! I think it is very important to raise a resilient child, and we as parents can help them to be one. There was a time that he was pushed by a classmate and he got wet. While I knew of the situation before he got home, I tried very, very hard to stay calm and wait for the right moment to ask him about it. The right moment happened when I was giving him a bath the next day. This was our conversation:

Me: What did you do in school?

Z: Classmate pushed me.

Me: And then what happened?

Z: I got wet.

Me: And then?

Z: I’m sad.

Me: (trying to hold back tears) So, what should we do about it?

Z: Tell Classmate, “no pushing”

Oh diba, because I was calm, I got his side of the story, we assessed and acknowledged his feelings and most importantly, he knew what to do the next time it would happen.

  • I set goals for Z at the start of the school year: 1) Talk more; 2) Adjust in the new environment and people; and 3) get him to finish sit-down activities. Notice I didn’t put anything academic?! He might be enrolled in a somewhat traditional school but I told the teachers our main goal for Z was to adjust and start being independent. Fortunately, his teachers were on the same page. They got Z to let go of his trainers and say when he needs to go to the toilet; he would try to do a task on his own first before asking for help; he’s keen on eating by himself now; and he’s not afraid to try new things. So what happened to our goals?! Yes, he’s talking a lot these days though we need to work more on pronunciation and speaking in Filipino; he got the “Most Caring and Friendly” award so I guess goal number 2 got accomplished. We still have our moments when he needs to practice writing, but at least now I don’t have to hold his hand! While we didn’t pressure him in any academic concept, he is now trying to read words, adding and subtracting, telling time and he knows 3D shapes and the order of the planets in the solar system. My point? If a child is well-adjusted to his surroundings, he will be more receptive to new information. So whether you choose a traditional or progressive school, how a child feels will be the tell-tale sign of his progress.
Putting writing time in our daily routine now!
Putting writing time in our daily routine now!
In spite of the crowd, he still completed this relay task!
In spite of the crowd, he still completed this relay task!

Oh wow. How’s this for just one school year?! I know we are to experience more ups and downs, little boy. Whatever the weather, you’ve always got us. I will never get tired of saying how proud we are of you. *fist bump*

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April’s Anxiety Attacks

Heart palpitating. 

Knots in my stomach. 

Erratic breathing.  

That’s how anxious I am these days. You see, Z started going to school and every morning feels like we’re preparing for a battle! 

It’s a constant battle every morning – feeding him breakfast, giving him a bath, dressing him up! We have to be conscious not to put him in a foul mood, or else it’s downhill from there. But I think Z is getting the hang of our new routine. We just need to stick with this so that he’ll be adjusted once the school year starts. I hope to be less anxious then! 

Another “battle” we’ve faced this month was Z’s ring bearer duties. It was our first time and yes, you guessed it, I WAS MORE EXCITED than  my little boy. However, along with the excitement was the anxiety – will Z walk? Will he wear the Barong? Will we finish the church ceremony? 

I know that getting him to wear the Barong will be a struggle. He didn’t even want to fit it at the store. So what I did was to display it in our room so he can see it everyday. Then I tell him that it was my surprise for him. I was hoping that he’ll be excited to wear my “surprise”. Well, as expected, it was a struggle putting the Barong on him. I had to pin him down while he cried and told him that he needs to wear it. Not baby-ing him must have worked because he followed us to the car and not once did he try to remove the Barong! 

So… Did he walk?! 

You bet he did! I couldn’t be more proud! Though he didn’t bring the pillow with the rings, at least he walked!!! 

Haaaay!!! Being a mom of a highly-emotional child makes me super anxious! It’s like I’m on my toes all the time, making sure that he can cope with what he’s feeling. But I’m proud that we won these battles and learned a lot. 

I won’t stop being anxious though. It might be have been my default mode since being a mom!