A Mother’s Day Tribute to my MOMS

Even though she doesn’t say it, I know my mom is proud of me for getting married first before having a baby. Ours wasn’t a smooth-sailing relationship back in the day. I was the rebellious, love sick, angsty teenager, to which you’ve said the lines “… papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako.” But all of this changed when I became a mom myself. It is so true when they say that you’d be more appreciative of your parents when you’re already one. I now know why you (and Papa) did this, said that and would do whatever.

Let me take this opportunity to say THANK YOU MAMA…

  • for sending me to good schools, ever since I was 2 years old. And for understanding that I could never be a doctor.
  • for letting me grow up, make mistakes, pick myself up and be better. I am who I am now because of those moments.
  • for holding my hand while I was giving birth. And giving me Coke when my blood sugar went down.
  • for loving and spoiling Z, just how grandmas are supposed to be.
Happy Mother's Day, Mama! We Love you! <3


My relationship with my other MOM is described in this quote:

I am really sure that I married a good man because he was raised by a great mother. I’m blessed to have a supportive, loving, understanding and generous MIL. It is because of her that I learned to “reward” myself with nice things and at the same time the value of saving up for a rainy day. She teaches me to set aside time for myself in order to take care of my family better. And the most important lesson I got from her: family is family, no matter what.

Happy Mother's Day, Mamita! We love you! <3

With these two wonderful ladies guiding me in my own mommy journey, Z is in for a great ride!

No Yaya, No Problem!

That has been the hashtag of my life for the past 2 months. It was a good practice of home management, parenting, time management and communication skills. Fortunately, we’ve got a new helper already (really praying that she’s the one!).

Some may roll their eyes at the scale of what I’ve been through for the past months. But having a helper for more than a year, then suddenly leaves us for her boyfriend, was downright shocking. It was the time that Z was starting to explore his surroundings, that he can’t be left alone. So the chores waited until Z was asleep, or if the grandparents were visiting. It’s also a good thing that we live beside a mall, so meals were still delicious. And there wouldn’t be dishes to do.

I’m really in awe at how some families do away without a helper. I was dead-tired most days and I felt that I wasn’t giving Z the proper attention and stimulation because I was thinking of the dirty floors, empty fridge and soiled cloth diapers.

But I’m proud of our little family, because we survived! There were no major setbacks even if we did not have a helper. My connection with my husband grew deeper because I know how much he appreciated how I ran the house and take care of our son. Z also showed independence by learning to play by himself when told that “Mommy needs to do something”. I now know that asking for help is not a weakness. After all, it does take a village to raise a child, and clean a house!

This was taken on the first day of our helper-less journey. The little boy patiently waiting for Mommy to fix his breakfast.

So, tell me, can you live without a helper? I can’t wait to read your insights!

Happy 2nd Year, Mr. Bry126!

Ten. (2+8) Ten. Ten

Ours is a love story that can be at par with the local teleseryes. We were high school acquaintances, then we hung out with the same set of friends on the last year of college. We’d text each other everyday; our personalities and beliefs mesh very well. A bucket of San Mig Light would bring us together weekly. You’d tell me your big plans to be successful and I tell you my simple wants. We instantly became the best of friends. And it didn’t bother us that we were in different relationships. We were simply friends, nothing more.

Then, the accident happened. And we realized that we couldn’t lose each other. 5 years after that fateful night, we’re happily taking care of a growing toddler and celebrating 2 years of being married! I could never be happier!

This teleserye would not be complete without its antagonists. Not everyone approved of our relationship. But we didn’t need anybody’s approval nor understanding. We were outrageously happy and madly in love. No one could ruin us.

But we’re not always lovey-dovey. We’ve had fights, arguments and disagreements, which I think every relationship need to keep it healthy. You don’t always give in to what I want; and I don’t stop without a fight. Do you remember that time we were fighting in the car, then we got tired then just had a bucket of beer, then everything was OK? I like that you want to talk about things, even if it means that we’ll argue. And yeah, sometimes I like fighting because I like the kiss and make out  up part.

I can never thank you enough for loving me unconditionally. You’ve taught me to love and think about myself and that I deserve all the good things happening to me. Thank you for being strong for the both of us when times are rough. I am truly grateful that you make me a better person, wife and mommy. I am discovering new things about myself because you believe in me. Thank you for being a wonderful father to Zoren (and to our future babies!!).

Happy 2nd year anniversary, my dear husband. I love you!