New from McDonald’s: Coca Cola Glasses and Bacon!

The 2014 Mcdonals’d x Coca-Cola glasses are back! Unlike the usual playful designs of the previous year, we see a more classy and modern design in six visually distinctive patterns: diamond, linear, mosaic, dimple, ripple and steel. I really like the reflection they make on our counter top!

Coke Glass 4

Collecting all 6 designs is easy-peasy! Just add P25 to any Extra Value Meal to get a glass. It is also valid with the BFF Burger or Chicken Bundle and breakfast Extra Value Meals. You may request for the glass even when ordering through McDelivery, online delivery or the McDo PH App!

And while you’re at McDonald’s, why not try adding oh-so-delicious bacon to your cheeseburger or cheeseburger deluxe?!

Had this TWICE last week!
Had this TWICE last week!

Make your crunchin’ even better by ordering the World Famous Fries and Coke Float! YUMMY! This is for a limited time only but I do hope it stays on the menu forever!

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Happiness in a Box!

Who wouldn't smile at the sight of these boxes?!

Starting today, the sight of a red box will definitely bring smiles to children as McDonald’s will now pack its Happy Meal in their iconic red box! Isn’t it cool, that something which made us smile years ago, is now back to be loved by our kids?!

Z now knows this box is full of surprises!

Did you know that McDonald’s Happy Meal was the first meal designed for children when it was launched in 1979?! Now, you can enjoy a Happy Meal bright and early in the morning with your usual favorites – 4 piece Mini Hotcake or Hamdesal. This comes with a regular drink and a featured toy. Or when you want to surprise the kids come dismissal time, you can have the iconic Red Box waiting for them in car with something delicious inside – Burger McDo, McNuggets, Chicken McDo with Rice or McSpaghetti! The Happy Meal now comes with a serving of their World Famous Fries plus a regular drink and of course, the featured toy. This month, the toy you will be getting might be from the  Transformers or My Little Pony. And if you’ll notice, the box itself can be made into a toy!

For only Php 85.00, enjoy a Burger McDo Happy Meal!

During the media launch yesterday, Teacher April Macan enumerated to us the benefits of PLAY! Play is the language of children; they should play by themselves and in a group; with any kid-safe material available or none at all! Children play because it is fun — Keon, Teacher April’s 4 year old son said. I couldn’t agree more!!! We also met Margot B. Torres, Senior Vice President for Marketing of McDonald’s Philippines and told us exciting news about the Happy Meal. They are now looking into adding healthier choices such as fruit cups and milk, as what is practiced in other countries. There will also be installations of the iconic Red Box in different malls to be a play area for the kids! And a surprise is coming in a few days that will surely warm everyone’s heart!!!

Clockwise from top left: Tweezer Fries game as an ice-breaker; Teacher April talks about the importance of play; the Happy Meal box will be an inflatable in different malls; Ms. Margot Torres of Mcdonald's Philippines.

What were your favorite Happy Meal toys?! Mine were the 101 Dalmatians, which I wasn’t able to complete! I remember going to McDonald’s Katipunan every dismissal time just to have all the design. They are still in the plastic in my Grandma’s house! I grew up loving McDonald’s and I’m sensing my son is feeling the same way too!

Z’s Orphanage Party

Since Z’s birth date fell on a week day, his party was scheduled on the weekend after it. But as tradition puts it, the first birthday should be celebrated on the day itself. So I thought of having a Gymboree party since we have baby friends here in the condo. Lo and behold, Gymboree in Shangri La Mall was undergoing renovation and wouldn’t be able to accommodate us. Then, we thought of renting out a function room and just have a small party. But, that was the idea of the big party already, so what’s the point, right?

Then, while having dinner, my husband said that it’s best to hold it in an orphanage, where there will be a lot of children Z can play with. It will also be a way of giving back and paying it forward for a blessed year with Z!

Photo op while waiting for the kids.

I asked on Twitter what orphanages are around the area and most answered White Cross Orphanage. So, we chose that. Ma’am Wilma, the person in-charge of Social Services was very easy to coordinate with. Everything was done through the phone and we just visited a week before to do an ocular.

We chose to have a McCelebrations, based on Michelle’s review (and the other fastfood chain “discouraged” us from getting them, because they said that the kids from White Cross are “used” to them already!). The nearest McDonald’s branch to White Cross is the new one in Greenhills Town Center (Granada branch). Planning the party with them was easy-breezy! Since the party was in the afternoon, Ma’am Wilma requested for the food to be the kids’ dinner. We chose McChicken with rice, Burger McDo and a tetra-pack juice. We just bought ice cream before going there as dessert. The birthday cake was a rush order from My Balloon Room. It was just a simple chocolate cake with the yummiest icing, topped with styro shapes and a big number 1! Thank you to Ninang Chum for delivering it!

As with his big party, we opted for a Toy Story theme.

For an additional fee, McDonald’s will take care of the party hats, place mats, balloons, games, prizes, loot bags and a mascot appearance! Just for an added treat, we also prepared loot bags with candies, birthday shades, activity booklets and a finger flashlight. The McDonald’s crew did an awesome job handling the party with all those kids present! Though not everyone was cooperating, which was to be expected in a children’s party, it was still a fun event! I would also like to thank my friends, Leslie and Lulu, for giving the kids slippers. White Cross accepts all kinds of donations; you may visit them at 276 Santolan Road, San Juan City. I’m sure the babies and kids there will appreciate it.

Zoren, being the ham that he is, was playful and sociable with the kids. He was playing with them, running after the girls and was laughing at the boys’ rough-plays. And his smiles during the event affirmed that we made a great decision in celebrating the day of his birth there. We’re planning to do this yearly, to instill social-awareness and selflessness in Z (and our future babies!)

Z joining Pass the Balloon game!


Gigil with Grimace!


Giving his loot bags.


Hanging out with his new friends 🙂


You are a blessing to us, Zoren baby. And what better way to celebrate your first year, by being a blessing to others as well! Happy 1st birthday, little love!