My Hairshaft Experience

I don’t care much about my hair. Even when it was falling off post-partum, I’d just tie it, use a regular shampoo and conditioner combo, and basically forget about it.

But I needed a change.

So when I sat down on the salon’s chair and the stylist assigned to me asked what I wanted to do to my hair, I said “Drastic!” I showed him my pegs which I got from Pinterest. Carl, the stylist, pointed out how he could achieve it with my hair with  little changes because my hair is really thin. He also suggested to have my hair colored for the full effect. I was a bit skeptical about hair coloring since I was preggy. But I read the ingredients list and called my OB who gave me a go signal. The color was oil-based with no ammonia. There was no smell of chemicals during the application and moreso when it was washed off! But just to be on the safer side of things, I used a mask throughout the procedure.

I should've brought my MomBabyFabric mask!
I should’ve brought my MomBabyFabric mask!

I love the cut and color of my hair! I feel sexier and even with the baby bump, I feel lighter now that I don’t have to put my hair up in a bun all the time. My husband likes it too and thinks that I am a step closer to being Posh Spice, hahaha!

IMG_8633 IMG_8639

Even though it was my first time at Hairshaft, I liked how all of the staff treated me, as if I was a regular there. Everybody was praises after my cut and I felt like a model because there was an Instagram session after! It was a bit pricey, higher than what I would usually pay for a haircut, but I needed that drastic change, and I got the results that I wanted so every peso was worth it!

Highly recommend Carl!
Highly recommend Carl!

Hairshaft is located at 2nd level of Podium. My stylist Carl can be contacted at 09182527621 for appointments.

Me Time: Nail Tropics

With a clingy and demanding toddler, alone time is very precious. I’m really grateful to my parents who take time to bring Z to play gyms, while I have my well-deserved ME TIME.

Since January, my ME TIME is spent in a little space inside Rustan’s Shangri La Mall: Nail Tropics. There, I learned about the wonders of Gel Polish. They’ve been taking care of my nails ever since.

They use the brand Jessica for their Gel Polish services. It’s basically the same service as a regular manicure and pedicure, except that when they apply the polish, you’d have to put your fingers in an oven-like contraption to let it dry.

This device "bakes" in your gel polish!

“Baking” your polish helps it to stay on beautifully for as long as 3-4 weeks. I’ve not experienced any chipping, even when I did the laundry. It is very recommended for moms, since once you put it on, you can forget about it. Until your nails grow and half of it doesn’t have color anymore.

Day 1
Day 16
Day 28


I don’t know if it’s a negative, but you can’t just remove Gel Polish. You’d have to go back to the salon where it was put and they’ll have a process to take it out.

One of the steps in removing the Gel Polish.

It is quite pricey at Php 1,200. But the quality of the polish and how long it stays seamless, make the price worth it. And you just go once a month, so that’s an added plus if you’re really busy.

How have you been spending your ME TIME? Give me ideas please!