• You are obsessed with Buzz, Woody and the whole gang of Toy Story. Yup, you won’t sit still with any film, just that.
  • The only videos you’d pay attention to on YouTube are those of the toy collectors opening their Kinder Surprise Eggs. Then after, you’d open the fridge, get an egg and try to get a toy!
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This Little Boy…


is 16 months today! Yahoooo!

To my dearest Zoren,
Every day that we’re together is always a blessing. You’re starting to do amazing things like stacking inch blocks, putting in the pieces for the shape sorter, knowing where to look for your DVDs of Barney so it can be played… I could go on and on and on of the wonderful things that you do! I really hope that you’d never get tired of exploring and learning and discovering. Never mind the tainted walls or the disarranged living room. You’ve got the whole world to unravel, my little one. And we’ll do it together, one step at a time. I love you so much!

At 15 months…

Bingo Number 15

LEOL30 via Compfight

  • You weigh 12.5 kilos and stand at 2.7 feet.
  • There are no clear words yet, but I know that “ma ma” is me, “da da” is daddy, “bubba” is for bubbles, “ca” is for cars or anything with wheels and “ooohh” when you like something.
  • We’ve made our very first trip to the ER! Never again!
  • You know that the DVD goes into the player and you should sit before it plays.
  • The actions to “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” is your favorite finger play.
  • It’s really getting harder to keep you still during diaper changes. How I wish we could potty-train already!
  • You eat almost anything that’s given to you. Your current faves are crackers, string beans and avocado.


There are so many things you can do now. Everyday’s a surprise with what you can already achieve. You’re growing too fast, Little One. But, no worries, Mommy’s always here. I love you my Z!