MomBrandLove: Vaughnderland

MomBrandLove is the newest category on this blog. This is in awe of mompreneurs who lovingly put a lot of effort in their business along with juggling tasks for kids, husband, the home and everything in between! I hope that my blog will be an avenue for other moms to discover mom-made products. Moms support moms, yeah!

Motherhood has got me rekindling friendship with ladies from my high school. It’s fun to realize that we’re still the same girls but has matured on to topics about parenting, faith and surviving life in general. I’ve survived countless of sleepless nights chatting with them as we were all going through the same phases of motherhood as our first-borns were born a few months apart. And now, Vaughn, one of my Mommy-mates, has ventured on to the world of vlogging, and I couldn’t be more happier!


You see, Vaughn lives in the US with her husband and daughter, while her immediate family is here in the Philippines. It has been her second-nature to make videos to update her family and friends of what is happening with them, where they went for a vacation, and an outlet for Vaughn to air out her thoughts since she is with her daughter 24/7! I’m really curious with their situation that I always ask her a lot of things whenever we chat since I cannot imagine living in another country while raising a family! And through her videos, I learn a lot and I’m really in awe with how great of a mom and person she is!

I’m looking forward to more of her videos as I know that her daughter will be starting school already and she’s on a quest to have another baby! It will be an exciting time for her family! Do subscribe to their YouTube channel and like their Facebook Page!

The mom behind the vlog 🙂
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It’s a Go to the Ultimate Mommy Clearance Clearout Sale!

Shopping season is here and the best way to start is at The Ultimate Mommy Clearance Clearout Sale!


Presented by Mommy Mundo, the clearance sale is happening on August 12, 13 and 14 at The Great Big Room in Fun Ranch (in the Tiendesitas compound). Gates are open from 10 am until 7 pm. Mark your calendars as you don’t want to miss this gathering of over 20 mommy and baby brands offering quality items up to 70% off! I wouldn’t want to miss that! I’ve been to past clearout sales by Mommy Mundo and I assure you, there are a lot of deals to pounce on! This might be the jump start you need to start ticking off names from your Christmas list, you know, the earlier, the better, the good price you pay!

I’m a sucker for sales and good deals, so this is an event I’ll go to on the first day! First dibs, yo! And you know, I’m trying to be practical and smart about finances nowadays, so we try to avoid malls or not shop when it’s not on sale. So, because of the 70% promise, guilt-free shopping is on its way! I’m planning to buy eating utensils, pajamas, dresses for Y and a new backpack for Z. Yup, make a list when you go there, as the place will be packed with a lot of good stuff! Better to be prepared!

So, shall I see you there?!




Goodbye July!

Just a recap of our tedious July!

The end of July saw me starting on a fitness regimen: Pilates! Read about my thoughts about it on this post.
This little girl is learning to play on her own 🙂
My kids are addicted to Snapchat filters. But I don’t know the how-to’s of the app, haha! So I just save their pics and videos, which they like to watch and laugh at!
Been craving for crinkles so bad, turned out the nearest bakeshop had it! Will be posting more #crinkleschronicles on my Instagram. Crave with me!
A strong flu virus had us slowing down at the start of the month. Kids were having fever, coughs and colds alternately so this Mama had to give them full attention! In other news, I’m obsessed with these temporary watercolor tattoos!
Best foodie discovery for the month: McDonald’s Pancakes with Choco-Malt drizzle and crushed Chocolate Cookies!
Eating on her own, choosing clothes to wear, saying “no” to everything… Terrible Twos is here this early! Got to prepare, hahaha!
Yes to more breakfast places <3
Trying to create stuff with my hands so I’m back to Bullet Journal-ing, learning brush lettering and playing with stickers. Should I write more about this?!
Speaking of breakfast, I’ve been having breakfast dates with friends more often. It’s really nice to discover new breakfast places and just being with other moms! Looking forward to the next!

I hope August is just as eventful in a positive way! 2016, please slow down!