Baler Essentials

The rainy weather made me miss the beach! And while I was looking at the photos, I realized I haven’t shared about the stuff we brought at our beach trip last August. Eeeep!!! So many backlogs to do. So here’s what we had in our bags:

In our luggage…

Z and I shared one luggage. Our clothes are separated into packing cubes, with his stuff in the bigger one. For his clothes, I packed 3 sets of clothes for his daily use. It was mostly sando and shorts since we were at the beach. I highly recommend using packing cubes to save space and organize your clothes properly.

Z’s toiletries

Z’s toiletries bag is from Safety 1st. In it are: alcohol, Betadine, powder, top-to-toe wash, Cetaphil cleanser, Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion, Indigo Baby’s Sunblock and Jar of Hope and Vapor Soove. Even though Mr. Sun wasn’t peeking the days we were at the beach, I still slathered Z’s body with sunblock to protect him for the UV rays. The powder was really useful in rubbing away the sand!!! It’s also best to have a top-to-toe wash to save time since we just gave Z a bath in the shower by the beach, as the bathroom in our room was slippery.

Another toiletries bag

The little one’s stuff still manage to get in my bag. This plastic bag from Duty Free has been serving as my toiletries bag since 2010! Z’s toothbrush and toothpaste are both from Colgate. Is it obvious that I love J&J too much? I love their creamy oil, which is good for my super dry skin. For sunscreen, I use The Beach Hut for my body and Nutrogena for my face. Mustela’s Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid served as my and Z’s facial cleanser while we were at the beach and on the road.

More stuff!

For Z’s munchies on the road, I stored them in Manila Baby Shop‘s insulated lunch box. His Dutchmill was still cold after 6 hours on the road. We also used their wet bag to store the wet clothes when we were on the way home, and there were no leaks whatsoever! I also packed 2 pairs of shoes for Z and his beach shoes from Speedo. Toys and books are also a must to keep the little one busy. I’m really thankful for the in-house wifi at the resort for Z’s YouTube-ing 🙂 The speakers from an event helped in streaming Z’s sleepy music to drown out the party music being played outside our room.

Loving this hooded towel from Two Tots!

For the beach-goers, I highly recommend Two Tots Hooded Towel for your little one! It helps keep your baby warm after being in the water for a long time but not yet finished playing in the sand. The material is very soft but super absorbent. I loved hugging little Z he was all bundled up in it!

Thank you to all the mommies who shared their beach essential lists when I posted my query before! I hope my list gets to help other families as well. 🙂



It’s the third day that I’ve been feeling under the weather because of my colds. And now I can feel my throat starting to get itchy. The little boy has started sneezing too. But unlike me, his energy levels are way above the roof.
On my bedside table:


Vapor soove is heaven-sent! Helps me breathe! I also use Boogie Wipes because I find it more gentle on my nose than plain tissue. The Mustela Skin Freshner makes the surrounding air fresher and breathable. During bath times, we use Johnson’s Soothing Vapor Bath which is minty but does not dry the skin. And of course, water!

Stay dry mommies and babies!

Unboxing Bliss

In my quest for a #BetterMe, looking great is close to the top of the things I need to work on. Now with Z sleeping through the night and staying for a longer period of time with the Yaya, I now have time for myself. I kinda forego long bath times and prepping up for more than a year, and my skin is taking the abuse badly. But now, I know better; I should take time in making myself look presentable, even if I’m just staying home. In spite of the saying that beauty comes from within, knowing that you look good on the outside will account for more confidence (personally speaking:) ).

As serendipitous as it may sound, Glamourbox announced that their June box will be all about Bridal Bliss! And who wouldn’t want to relieve that day, when it was all about you?! I know for myself that my wedding day was my most beautiful moment EVER! So I immediately signed up and waited for its arrival!

When it finally arrived…

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