My Lola’s 80th Birthday Celebration

Lovely set-up by The Red Chef and Events.
Lovely set-up by The Red Chef and Events.

My Lola took care of me while I was growing up. So, it’s imperative that I take charge in planning for her 80th birthday celebration. Here’s the suppliers my titas and I got who made our little celebration worth remembering!

  1. The Red Chef and Events

Great food and excellent service without the expensive price tag – these criteria make Red Chef our now go-to caterer for future events. They gave in to my every whim, as if Aphat is my genie and he’ll make all my wishes come true. My Lola wants tempura, we’ll have tempura! I need extra tables, extra tables were provided. I want flowers and then there were flowers! The waiters even arranged the centerpieces into a bouquet and gave it to my Lola as we were leaving. They surely exceeded my family’s expectation! My mom, who is my biggest critic, was all praises for the food.

Simple yet elegant.
  1. Gen Maramba of Sugar Momma Desserts

Because she indulged my birthday wish for a rainbow cake, we got Tita Gen again to make my Lola’s garden-themed cake. My cousin got a picture from the internet to copy and it was put to life magnificently! And the strawberry buttercream was really good!!! For orders and quotations, send your queries to: SoMoDesserts[at]gmail[dot]com. She’s also on Instagram: @SoMoDesserts.



It's all in the details!
It’s all in the details!


  1. Jeterra’s Fine Foods

Since meeting Rina at a blogger’s event, I became a fan of her baked goodies. Actually, her cake pops and sugar cookies made Z a pastry-loving boy! For my Lola’s birthday, Rina provided mini-cupcakes (her red velvet is always the first to be devoured!), uber-moist brownies and sugar cookies which also served as souvenirs. Rina can provide styro stands according to the event’s theme but for this event the caterer provided the platters to save on space.




Not too sweet sugar cookies doubled as souvenirs!
Not too sweet sugar cookies doubled as souvenirs!
  1. T12 Events

My family is addicted to photobooths so I got my friend Terence’s T12 Events Photobooth for the event. For their photobooth, they use a green screen so there’s no need to have a tarpaulin background printed, and that is good for the environment. The consecutive shots are spaced lengthily that the people has time to get props or change places. The print-outs are clear and the colors are crisp.

The grandchildren!
The grandchildren!


  1. My Balloon Room

To complete the party vibe, there’s got to be balloons! Because the event was held in a clubhouse, it was really bare and there was a hollow concave on the ceiling which was perfect for drop-balloons! I got My Balloon Room since they’ve decorated the exact venue already, so they’re familiar with the clubhouse’s rules.

It's raining balloons!
It’s raining balloons!
I love the effect!
I love the effect!

**Click on the links to get to their Facebook/Instagram pages**

Thank you also to my friend Kat for sponsoring our venue!!!

Wishing more years of koreanovela-watching, crispy pata-eating and mahjong playing for our dear Lola Grandma!

#2ZorenAndBeyond: Party Crafts By Ava

Nope, it is not run by Ava, but by her mom Jenn. I found out about Party Crafts By Ava through Mommy Fleur’s IG posts regarding her Mommy Fleur Day. Since then, I followed her on IG and when I was panicking for Z’s party, I immediately remembered her services!

Jenn is helped by her SIL and Brother during the event.

I wanted the kids to be busy so that the adults will have time to eat a lot and chat the afternoon away. And it was a great success! My nephew who is always running around, became very busy in this booth! For every event, Jenn requires 2 activities to be booked. In this case, I wanted ceramic magnet painting and picture frame decorating. I liked how Jenn went the extra mile and made Toy Story themed magnets for the painting. Z recognized them even without color!

Z enjoying the booth with is Lola Sarah!

And as a gift to Z, we were given crowns and tiaras to decorate as well! Since, we didn’t have party hats, this was a good alternative. Thank you so much Jenn, for this freebie and for being easy to work with. All our transactions were by email and texts but it all went smoothly. For a different kind of “busy activity” during parties and events, Party Crafts by Ava should be there!

Kindly like Party Crafts by Ava on Facebook to know more about their services!

#2ZorenAndBeyond: The Cakestry

As I previously mentioned, Z’s 2nd birthday celebration was decided on a whim and I had barely 2 weeks to prepare for it. To make my life easier, I got suppliers whom I personally know or are recommended by my friends. The Cakestry is owned by my friend, Sim Tecson, who is super passionate with her baking! Together with her sister, Celine, they created a super cool Buzz Lightyear themed candy buffet for the event!

Their standard package includes: assorted candies good for 50, 8″ round cake, 2 dozen cupcakes, decor and plastic bag for take home candies. The cake was the focal point of the event as Z was really mesmerized by it! The fondant was just the right amount of sweetness and the chocolate cake was moist and soft but not crumbly. The cupcakes were wiped out too, the guests gushing about how yummy it is!

The Cakestry team also threw in a life-sized Buzz Lightyear display as a gift for Z! And up to now, we have a Space Ranger guarding our abode from the evil Emperor Zurg!

 To get The Cakestry for your next event or for your Christmas give-aways, you may call them at 0923-5999498. Their cake display and other goodies are on Facebook.