#2ZorenAndBeyond – Social Savvy

I learned about Social Savvy during our SoMoms lunch at Boon Tong Kee. Moya, along with his sister Rosanna, are the creative minds behind this up-and-coming must have at every event. For Z’s celebration, I got the Printster!

Say "Hello!" to the Printster!

So, what is the Printster?! This set-up puts to good use our affinity with Instagram. During the event, guests are encouraged to take pictures and upload it on their Instagram. Using a common hashtag, in this case it was #2ZorenAndBeyond, the pictures are then shown on a live iPad feed. After a few minutes, your picture will be printed, and your guests will have an instant souvenir, one which is memorable and practical.

I really like this kind of set-up since there will be no lines and waiting unlike in a regular photobooth. Sure, there are no costumes and gimmicks, but you can be creative with poses and filters. Rosanna also sent me the digital copies of the pictures printed, giving me the guests’ insights during the event. We all know that the party hosts do not get to see everything that happens in a table, so with this common hashtag I was able to see what was going on, even after the party! Being a relatively new gadget, we needed to thoroughly explain how the Printster works to the guests who we’re not tech-savvy, even though there are instructions on the table. Also, there will be guests who has no Instagram. For this dilemma, you can hire a Printster Photographer who would gladly take pictures of all your guests, then their pictures will then be printed. I should have gotten this add-on so that all of the guests took home a souvenir picture. Nonetheless, for 4 hours we had a total of 102 prints! Not bad for a party of 70 guests. By the way, your Instagram account must be on public so that the hashtag can be accessed.

The Printster will print out your Instagram picture on a template agreed upon.

I must say that Rosanna is very efficient and easy to work with! All our transactions were through e-mail and I didn’t have any problems. Given the time we had to prepare, I’m really impressed with what they delivered! I highly suggest having the Printster at your next event!

Social Savvy contact details:

Website: www.socialsavvycreative.com

Facebook: socialsavvyph

Instagram: @socialsavvyph

A Cool Toy Story Party

For my very first entry on Momspirations, I’m featuring the very cool Tina De Vega-Dulay. She’s my boss’ sister and a doting mother to Franco and a loving wife to Sadri. Franco just turned 2 and his Mama DIY-ed the party details. I asked her a few questions to help inspire other mommies out there to get crafty when planning your little tots’ parties, because it is cheap, fun and easy to do!

1. How did you come up with the theme of your party?

It was not easy.  We had a lot of choices actually – Barney, Dora, Toy Story, Umi Zoomi, Ice Age, Madagascar even Lorax.  These are the shows/movies that Franco has started watching last year.  But the choice became more obvious when we went to HK Disneyland last November.  He had so much fun at the Toy Story Land and we even got him a Toy Story set which includes all the main characters of the movie.  I thought this would be very nice to showcase at his birthday party. 🙂

2. What made you decide on DIY-ing the party elements?

After deciding on a theme, I started browsing the web for possible toy story party ideas.  I came across a lot of blogs that featured handcrafted party decors that are really unique, eye-catching, fun and easy-to-do. Since I have most of the materials at home and I’m a work-at-home mom, I told myself why not make it as a real project, and start letting my creative juices flow once again. Another factor is since the holiday season has just ended, my husband and I were also on a tight budget. 😀

3. What were the challenges you faced in planning the party?

I’ve had quite a few challenges but nothing major really.  But one funny thing I can remember is that I became too overwhelmed with all the cool Toy Story party ideas I saw on the internet.  I didn’t know anymore which ones to do and apply to my son’s party.  Then, my husband told me to just stick to 3-4 ideas so I can properly execute them.  So I just focused on the invitation, party banner, loot bags and photobooth. 😀

4. If you don’t mind, can you share the estimated cost of your party?

Estimated cost of the party is around 15K (that already includes the food, giveaways, prizes, decors, party host, cake).

5. Do share your tips on how to create a themed DIY party.

I’m no expert in throwing a DIY party since this is the first time I have done it, but here are some useful tips I can share with you all:
  • Decide on a theme first. Most common theme is your child’s favorite cartoon character.  But you can also base your theme from your child’s favorite toy, favorite book to read, favorite color, etc.  It can be anything under the sun.  🙂
  • Once you have a theme in mind, go check out the web for party ideas.  The internet has become my best friend over the last few months. You will be surprised on how many information you can get and apply to your child’s party!  You can get pretty overwhelmed by all these wonderful ideas, so make sure you try to organize them.  What I did was I created a folder in my laptop, then I just copy-pasted the pictures to that folder.  I put all my ideas there so every time I need inspiration or ideas, I just open that particular folder.
  • It may be tempting to do all the cool ideas you find on the web but you might end up not finishing everything on time and they might just look half-baked.  So what I did was I just concentrated on DIY-ing 4 items – invitations, party banner, loot bags & photobooth.  Some blogs I saw also featured a Toy Story themed food & drinks, party hats, games, etc.  It’s really up to you, sky’s the limit! 🙂
  • You don’t have to spend too much for your DIY materials. If you already have some art supplies at home, go check them first before buying. You will be surprised to find out that some of the materials you need are just lying around at your house. In my case, I only had to buy very few items at the bookstore since we have quite a good supply of art materials at home.  You can also improvise – example, instead of buying cardboards, you may use old cereal boxes. I also wanted to try being eco-friendly so instead of buying the usual plastic loot bags at the malls, I improvised by using brown paperbags which I think is cooler and more personalized.
  • You will encounter more and more ideas along the way, but always keep your focus.  Remember, if you keep changing your mind, you won’t be able to finish a single thing.  Don’t worry, as long as you do it with love, everything will turn out well! 😀
  • Lastly, try to involve your spouse in the planning process.  Delegating tasks is probably one of my weakest points. But you will be amazed at how many things you can accomplish if you get your spouse (and house helpers) to help you in the planning and execution.  We all want to be supermoms but we can only do so much. 😀 And more importantly, try to enjoy the process. I did. 🙂
The DIY birthday banner and Alien loot bags.


Photobooth props.


DIY letter blocks with the Toy Story characters.


The birthday boy with his Mama and Dada!


Thank you for inviting us! It was a very cool party! Yee-haw!

A Z Story: Party Host

Your party host will make or break the event. S/he will set the tone of the program and sometimes, even prepare the games and props needed. We were lucky to have booked a very entertaining, funny, reliable and awesome host! Kakki, my friend from high school, did such an amazing job, our guests were raving about her days after the party!

Kakki, the friend of Jesse!
Complete Mr. Potato Head Game

The kids had fun in all the games that Kakki and I prepared for them. Even the adults took part in the scavenger hunt for Mr. Potato Head’s parts! Since we had extra prizes, Kakki went on to having an impromptu Bring Me game. My favorite part was the Balloon Burst, a modernized version of the “pabitin”. Look at all the beautiful colors and the big smiles on the kids’ faces, and my husband’s too:

Balloon Burst!!!

Kakki is really busy in doing corporate events these days. So I suggest if you want her to host your party, book her right away! I guarantee a stress-free and amazing party in her hands. You may contact her through her Facebook Page or through me.

Thank you for making A Z Story a happy and unforgettable party!