Happy 10th Month, Z!

On your 10th month…

You woke up later than usual.
But as soon as you did, you were all smiles!
Quality time was spent with some of your toys.
Baby Einstein kept you company for a while.
You're still nursing at around 5 to 6 times!
Books are fun! Thank you Tita Nicole for the new books!
iPad bonding time with Daddy!
We finally have a matching shirt!!
We had Kindermusik class and danced to Zoom Buggy!
After your classmates sang you a "happy birthday" song, you gave them some treats!
During our mini-get together with family, you played with Wowo and Wowa to their delight!
Ninong Ralph and Tita Cam joined in!

We love you our little Rumble! Thank you for 10 months of smiles, love and laughter. You may be too wriggly and likot now, but you will always be our baby! Our pride and joy forever!

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