Packed and Ready To Pop!

I hit my 37th week mark today so it means that I can push, push, push this baby out anytime! And with the help of this detailed hospital bag checklist from ManilaMommy, I say, bring it on!

So, here’s what I’m bringing:


And in Baby Y’s bag:


  • Halo Swaddle Sleepsack
  • Muslin cloth
  • New Beginnings All-white set I bought from
  • Belly Armor blanket
  • Disposable diapers because they say that meconium doesn’t wash away in cloth nappies.
  • Frog suit from H&M as the going-home outfit
  • J&J top to toe wash and wipes
  • CordLife kit

Of course, I will also bring our cameras and chargers unlike before! I’m not planning to stay too long in the hospital so I guess these would suffice.

What were your birthing essentials?! I want to know!

No Visitors Allowed


We have well-meaning family and friends. And I know that most of them are excited to see Baby Y as much as we are. But… there’s one thing I’d like to request: please don’t visit us in the hospital (and in the first few weeks).

First and foremost, I’d like to know my daughter first. As selfish as it may sound, I don’t want to share her with anyone else, just wait for pictures on social media! We’ll be struggling with breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. And we might not be able to do these if there are other people around. And then there are the unsolicited advice – don’t hold the baby for a long time, use formula, don’t eat too much, the list goes on. I don’t like to be rude so please don’t go to the hospital.

Z will also be in transition mode and I think it is best that only a small group of people (me, my husband and the grandparents) are present. I don’t like people who’ll tease him and say “Mommy has a new baby.” Or “You’re not loved anymore.” Please don’t make it hard for my little boy, so please don’t go to the hospital.

I’ll echo this blog post I bookmarked: I’ll give birth, not throwing a party. We won’t be able to entertain you nor the baby needs anyone else but me, so I don’t really see the point of going to the hospital, sitting there for hours watching TV, expecting us to offer you something to eat or drink. Be assured that my husband and the hospital staff will take care of me and my little one, so please don’t visit us in the hospital.

I really don’t mean to sound so rude. But I’m speaking from experience from the first time I gave birth. Visitors late at night when we needed to rest, people who want to carry the baby and not spraying themselves with alcohol (!!!) and those who doubt my breastfeeding powers. I think my post-partum rage is starting early on, so please please please, don’t visit us in the hospital!

Pregnancy Cravings

I love to eat. Most of my Instagram pictures are food and I usually have a “craving” status on Facebook. That’s why it wasn’t a tell-tale sign of my pregnancy. But looking back, I might have been pregnant way before I did a test. Here are some of the food I ate and craved for:

IMG_7276 IMG_7328 IMG_7388 IMG_7459 IMG_7526 IMG_7575 IMG_8019 IMG_8047 IMG_8062 IMG_8083 IMG_8097 IMG_8118 IMG_8209 IMG_8304 IMG_8316 IMG_8338 IMG_8375 IMG_8392

Okay… This post made me really hungry! I can’t eat like this anymore or else!!! Tell me, what did you crave for when you were preggy?!