The Staycation I Didn’t Plan

I was hoping to have a weekend getaway before I give birth. You know.. To relax and just enjoy. I even asked suggestions from my friends and one was even willing to give me a discounted price. But as the saying goes: be careful with what you wish for.

Oh yes, I had my staycation alright. But not the kind I wanted.

Ouchie :(
Ouchie 🙁

Friday morning saw me at the hospital due to premature contractions and a gush of water trickling down my legs. I kept calm and collected but I was also nervous because the baby is not yet at full term. I was admitted for an overnighter to check if the contractions will continue in spite of a medicine they gave me.

I was given Isoxilan to slow down the contractions.
I was given Isoxilan to slow down the contractions.
Labor watch!
Labor watch!

It was my first night to sleep without Z since he was born. And I really think he did better than me. I kept on waking up to check my phone if my parents called or texted that my little boy was having a tantrum looking for me. None. Na-da. Nil. According to my parents, he slept through the night and woke up happily. I guess it’s good practice for him once I give birth and he needs to be away from me again.

Another good thing coming from this experience was having a trial at the hospital where I’ll be giving birth. UERMMMC along Aurora Blvd. has changed since I gave birth there 3 years ago. They now have a welcome pack for all patients. The parking situation still needs improvement though. And I now know that PhilHealth works! Just be sure that you are paid for a year.

The UERM admission pack includes: a tissue roll, bottled water, trash bags, a toothbrush and toothpaste set, spoon and fork, thermometer, soap and medicine cups.
The UERM admission pack includes: a tissue roll, bottled water, trash bags, a toothbrush and toothpaste set, spoon and fork, thermometer, soap and medicine cups.

I’m just thankful that we didn’t give birth yet. We’ll have to wait for two more weeks to hit the 37th week mark. Actually, I was like this with my first pregnancy. These babies are so eager to go out and see the world! I’m really excited too but for now, I’m stuck at home with limited activities.

It's a family affair!
It’s a family affair!

Toddler Tidbits: Bed Rest

I get tired easily these days with sporting a 6 month old preggy belly. Though I am not technically on bed rest, I stay at home most of the time.

And I’m glad that my toddler is a homebody and adjusts to days that we’re just here.


This is how Z copes with me resting… By bringing his toys on the bed! I really feel that he is savoring the months that he’s just an only child by being extra clingy to me. At least, less tantrums and being “terroristic”!

Preggy Buys: Belly Armor

One of the first things I bought when the preggy test read positive was a Belly Blanket from Belly Armor. Recommended by my friend Em who was pregnant then, I know that it would be a worthwhile purchase.

photo (1)

Call me praning but I’d take that extra step in protecting my little one. My everyday companions are highly radioactive and different studies suggest that it is harmful. And the Belly Blanket will go a long way because I can use it as a receiving blanket for my baby since s/he will be living in a wifi-enabled home and be surrounded by tablets and smartphones!

And to my preggy luck, I won a Belly Band from Belly Armor from Jackie’s blog! I was really close to buying one since I won’t be staying home most of the time naman, and radiation is very much everywhere. I’ve worn it countless of times and it’s really comfortable. I’m glad Geraldyn picked out the right size for me!

Wearing the Belly Band underneath!
Wearing the Belly Band underneath!

By next year, the Perez sisters who are the official distributors of Belly Armor in the Philippines will also have nursing covers armed with RadiaShield. That’s on my to-buy list since I know I’ll be nursing again. And while nursing, I’ll be checking my phones or blogging!

Belly Armor products are available in Rustan’s, Babyland, Nurture Nook and they are around bazaars everywhere. Like their Facebook Page and Instagram to know more.