When are you going to stop breastfeeding?

It all depends on Z, but if I could until he’s 2, then that’s a great achievement! I’ve read that it would be best if both us “agrees” to stop breastfeeding. In this way, I wouldn’t have to deal with engorgement and over-supply. For Z, it will give him enough transition time to pace himself. Now that he’s really into solid foods, breastfeeding is more of an add-on to his nutritional needs. And completely weaning from the breast may just be around the corner.

Honestly, I still like nursing him. There’s really no reason for me to stop, yet. I like the cuddling time, though he doesn’t nurse as often and as much as before – around 4-5 times a day, give or take 15 minutes. And with all the running, jumping, climbing and dancing that he does, nursing means rest time for this active toddler. There’s also nothing that breastfeeding can’t soothe – whether it’s a boo-boo or teething pains. Extended breastfeeding does not make dependent and clingy babies. In fact, some websites say the opposite, because of all the skin-to-skin contact a baby receives during nursing, he will grow more trusting with his environment. So to those worried that Z is growing up to be a Mama’s boy (hello relatives!), please don’t be. And so what if he is?!

When are you going to potty-train Z?

Bathroom reading

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Our pedia says he is too young to be formally potty-trained as it will just turn into one big struggle. I would not want that as it will make potty-training traumatic for the both of us. But, pre-training can be done now, at 16 months. So, from reading articles on the internet, here’s what our pre-potty-training looks like:

  • Display his potty. I was wishing for the Boon potty but we were given a normal one for his birthday, so that will do.
  • We put him in briefs or boxers so that when he pees, he will know how it feels. This will also help him tell us that he is wet, making it easier for us to bring him to the potty in the future.
  • We also show him how to use the potty. Though I wish he could see his Daddy piss often because that’s how he should do it right?!
  • Whenever he’s making poop, I should say “You’re making poo-poo”. So when the time comes that he’ll poop in the potty, he will know that it’s what should be done. Hopefully.

As with breastfeeding, we’re not in a rush to do this just yet. After all, he’s got 18 years to learn how to be independent, why pressure him in the first years of his life, right?!

When are you going for Baby Number 2?

I always say that if it’s going to be a baby girl, I could get pregnant right now! But that’s impossible without the help of science.

Seriously, I don’t think we’re ready for another baby – in all aspects of our life: financially, physically, emotionally. I would also want Z to be ready as well. Meaning, he is not breastfeeding anymore; he’s showing a little independence; he’s reaching his developmental milestones appropriately.

Maybe before I turn 30?! 😛

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I encounter these three questions on a regular basis and it’s just now that I’m getting to really think about it.  I know most moms face these queries too, so I hope my answers help you in any way.

And if you want to know more of my (developing) parenting views, email me at youngmomlove11[at]gmail[dot]com.

YoungMomdiLemma: Z on Solids

Since Z was 8 months, I was kind of following the Baby-Led Weaning principles. It felt realistic and honestly, Z wasn’t into the mushy-mashed foods. I was also not comfortable in giving him weird food combos as suggested in some websites. I wouldn’t want to feed him anything I wouldn’t eat.

Eating bread!

I said “kind-of” following because even if I let him feed himself, I still spoon-feed him. And he’s really cute when eating; his legs sway and shake as if to tell me that he’s enjoying!

I just have an issue with the food that’s going on the floor. Am I teaching my son to play and waste his food? Or the learning of independence outweighs this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Breastfeeding FAQs

Nope, I’m not a lactation counselor yet (I will research on how to be one soon) but I’ve been breastfeeding for 10 months now. And during these months, I’ve heard a number of statements or questions regarding my sustenance for Z, most of them I find rather funny. Since it’s Breastfeeding Month, it’s timely and fitting for this post, in my hopes of encouraging mommies to choose the best for their babies! Continue reading “Breastfeeding FAQs”