Me as a Mom of Two

I was asked how it is to be a mom of two. You know what’s the first word I said?! CRAZY! It has been a super crazy task being a mom of a toddler and a newborn. And I won’t be adding any more offspring after Y!

They cry at the same time. CRAZY.

They need nappy change at the same time. CRAZY. And because Z likes to go on the potty when we’re at home – CRAZIER!

They need me at the same time. CRAZY.

Para mas feel na feel: NAKAKALOKAAAAAA!!!


But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As my Mom Manifesto states: being a mom is my passion. I love being Mommy to my kids even though they drive me crazy, haha! With this passion comes the need for learning: to know more about parenting, the products out there meant to make parenting simple and fun, and the ways to keep the sanity amidst the crazy.

But even though it is crazy, I think I was a crazier, more sungit mom before. I’m still particular with hand-washing and kissing Y but I think I’m more lenient with who gets to hold her, how she’s talked to or what the grandmas want her to wear. Before, the littlest red marks, scratch, hiccups would be a concern. Not anymore. I think being a second-time mom, you’d get to relax a little because the first child turned out ok naman. I’m not as concerned with milestones. I haven’t even consulted “What To Expect in the First Year” since Y was born. I’m just really enjoying getting to know her and observe what she’s trying to do. No more of those lists!

As a mom of two, you’d also be mindful. You’d want to spend as much quality time with both kids, together and separately. At least, sibling rivalry is not (yet) a concern for us. My son adores his little sister so much which is a surprise since he wasn’t friendly with little kids before. That’s one less crazy for now.

How playtime is for us nowadays!
How playtime is for us nowadays!

As crazy as it can be, motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me.

But yeah, no more babies!

How has adding another child change your mommy ways? And to those with 3 or more kids, HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

April’s Anxiety Attacks

Heart palpitating. 

Knots in my stomach. 

Erratic breathing.  

That’s how anxious I am these days. You see, Z started going to school and every morning feels like we’re preparing for a battle! 

It’s a constant battle every morning – feeding him breakfast, giving him a bath, dressing him up! We have to be conscious not to put him in a foul mood, or else it’s downhill from there. But I think Z is getting the hang of our new routine. We just need to stick with this so that he’ll be adjusted once the school year starts. I hope to be less anxious then! 

Another “battle” we’ve faced this month was Z’s ring bearer duties. It was our first time and yes, you guessed it, I WAS MORE EXCITED than  my little boy. However, along with the excitement was the anxiety – will Z walk? Will he wear the Barong? Will we finish the church ceremony? 

I know that getting him to wear the Barong will be a struggle. He didn’t even want to fit it at the store. So what I did was to display it in our room so he can see it everyday. Then I tell him that it was my surprise for him. I was hoping that he’ll be excited to wear my “surprise”. Well, as expected, it was a struggle putting the Barong on him. I had to pin him down while he cried and told him that he needs to wear it. Not baby-ing him must have worked because he followed us to the car and not once did he try to remove the Barong! 

So… Did he walk?! 

You bet he did! I couldn’t be more proud! Though he didn’t bring the pillow with the rings, at least he walked!!! 

Haaaay!!! Being a mom of a highly-emotional child makes me super anxious! It’s like I’m on my toes all the time, making sure that he can cope with what he’s feeling. But I’m proud that we won these battles and learned a lot. 

I won’t stop being anxious though. It might be have been my default mode since being a mom! 


To My First-Born on New Year’s Day

Dear Z,

As I type this, you’re snoring beside me even though the whole country is welcoming in 2015. We’ll try to look for fireworks later today because I told you we’ll see the sky light up.

I’m really amazed with how much you’ve grown this past year. I started off 2014 with a baby and here we are now — you’re almost at 20 kilos and wears 5 year old clothes! You’re also more verbal and quite demanding at that. I can see that you got my knack for being persistent and wouldn’t ask for help without trying to do a task yourself. We’re both stubborn in that sense. I love how you start each day with a smile and a good morning kiss for me and Daddy. And whenever your face lights up when you see Daddy wake up brings so much joy in my heart.


You might be feeling that big changes are going to happen soon. It might be a scary thing but I promise you that we’ll go through it together. I’m scared also, my little boy, but I know that as a family, we’ll face these challeneges head-on. It might be too much pressure for you to be a big brother but don’t worry. Take your sweet time adjusting. And if ever I pressure you to do something you are not yet ready to, remind me of this post.

You might be worried that I will love you less once your baby sister is here. There might even be people who will tell you that you are no longer Mommy and Daddy’s baby. Please, please, please ignore these people. A mother’s heart multiplies with every birth of a child. You will always have a piece of my heart and soul and my love for you will never, ever lessen or change. Remember that!


Having a sibling is probably one of the best gift there is. You may not agree with this for a few years but when you two (or three) are a tag team in mischief, you’d get what I’m saying. I wasn’t too thrilled myself when I became a big sister. But I know my life wouldn’t be this happy without your Tito Bibs. So, I really understand what you’ll be going through.


Let’s just take it one step at a time. I promise you that I’ll be with you each step of the way.

I love you very much my Zoren, to infinity and beyond!