Alone on a Saturday Night

Zzzzzing Z


Well, not exactly alone because your here, beside me, sleeping the night away. It was a tiring Saturday for you, as we went to our Kindermusik preview with Dr. Liz, then went around the mall (again!) and then ate at Cibo with Mamita. Your a friendly little baby as you smile to everyone who’s noticed you. You even wanted to go with two pretty girls who played with you! I got you broccoli and cheese munchies, which you can easily chew and throw on the floor, when it’s too soft already! I let you taste pasta and a little bit of bread which you liked very much!



I always feel emotional as I stare at you, in deep slumber, every night. You like sleeping on your side, legs wrapped around a pillow, just like me and Daddy. Half of the bed belongs to you, the smallest member of the family. Which only means you’re growing, and you’ve grown really fast, it’s as if I just blinked and here we are, just waiting for a few months before you turn a year old.

That’s a bittersweet thought. You at 1. And yes, I had to stop typing to wipe away my tears. By then, you’d be walking, talking, start being a brat, you might even be nursing less but you’d always be my baby. Just what I always say to you every night…

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always… As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be…

Time flies by when you’re having fun…

I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized that in 2 weeks, you’ll be turning 6 months already. ¬†YOU’RE HALF A YEAR ALREADY!!! Now, where did the days go?! It seems just yesterday you were a peanut in my uterus. And now, you’re almost the same size as our pillow.

The sixth month has great things in store for you my love. I’m excited to feed you “semi-solids” made from scratch. You’ll also be joining a swim class. There’s also out-of-town trips awaiting and my first birthday celebration as a mommy!

But then, I want to savor each day I can still call you baby. I’m getting sentimental right now as I’m thinking of the days we’ve spent together. You never ceases to amaze me and every time I look at you, I feel so blessed.

So, before you turn a month old (again!), here are the things you’re busy with now:

  • You like sleeping on your side just like Mommy and Daddy. I don’t know if it’s good for your bone development but you’re sleeping through the night, so I let you!

    Side Sleeping March 25, 2012
  • You appreciate your toys more. Before, they were just decorations in your crib but now, you reach for them, put them in your mouth, study how to play them.
  • We can easily tell if you like something or not. Most of the time though, you show happiness and we’re super okay with that!
  • It’s getting hard to change your nappy and put on your clothes because of your increasing mobility.
  • You don’t nurse in public as often as before. You want to join in the conversations and people watch.

I’m having so much fun being your Mommy. There may be days when I don’t have sleep nor time for myself but it comes with the territory. Sleep can wait but not your growing up. I’m slowly accepting the fact that you’ll grow up and might need me less, but isn’t that a sign I’ve raised you well?

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