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Cake Cups for a #SweetCause

The cupcake craze in the country was started when a quaint little bakery opened in Serendra, giving Pinoys a new take on this delectable dessert. Cupcakes by Sonja really is the front runner in the cupcake world, being the one to introduce flavors such as the Red Velvet and Cookie Dough.  A few years later, […]

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Christmas Came In Early: Z’s Two Front Teeth

clappstar via Compfight Z’s first teeth has finally erupted (first 2 on top; one on the bottom at the start of the week) and I can’t say that I’m ecstatic about it. I feared for my nips when he wants milk. Fortunately, no biting incident has happened (YET!) and thanks to this post, I think […]

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Rustan’s Nursing Station

I’m not sure if Rustan’s had a nursing station before the renovation, but now it is located at the 3rd floor in Rustan’s Shangri La Mall. It is conveniently tucked in a small space within the kids section. We’ve used it numerous times when I don’t want to spend money in a resto, hehe. My […]