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That #Momazing Feeling with Scott’s

When I became a mom, each milestone gave me such big emotions that I would tear up every time. I’ve lost count how many times I cried happy tears over the small things my (then little) Z would do. And now I have a word for that big emotion: MOMAZING! Momazing is the feeling of […]

Random Thoughts

New Blogs to Read + Vote for Mommy Fleur & MFO!

Here are two new blogs I’m enjoying! Pam (formerly known as Run Around Girl) recently launched her new blog which focuses on healthy eating. I swear, she makes vegan dishes look super appetizing. She’s inspired me to eat more veggies and spend a day (or two) without beef or pork or chicken. Do check out […]

Cheesy Chessy

#BetterMe: Valuing Fathers

This is a long overdue post but still very timely!   Fathers take on a major and active role during baby-making, but most take a backseat in parenting! Coach Pia explains that we cannot expect men to be what they are not. They can’t be expected to have instincts that are not natural to them, […]