Summer 2016: Mathemagis Singapore Math Programs

Back in high school, I joined the Math Club not because I was good at math but because I know it’s my water loo. Fast-forward to today, I still don’t get to use ALL the math concepts taught but the values of perseverance and self-teaching learned from math really helps me today. I think math shouldn’t be feared by parents who needs to tutor their children, haha! But I heard Singapore Math is kinda different from the math we were used to. So, to prepare myself and Z, we’ll try out Mathemagis Singapore Math Program.


There are 3 programs for the different age groups:

Singapore Math Primary – This is for students in Grades 1 – 6 who wants to strengthen their understanding of math concepts, strategic thinking and problem solving.

Visual Thinking Math – Some kids who are visual learners do have a problem solving math word problems. This class will make it fun for 7 – 14 years old and learn Singapore Math’s bar model strategy.

Best Start to be Smart – Z will surely enjoy this as math concepts and analytical thinking are presented through hands-on activities. This class is for 4 – 6 years old.

The sessions are for 1 hour each, Monday to Friday. There will be 10 sessions per batch and the first batch will start on April 4. You may contact Mathemagis’ branch nearest you to schedule assessment.

Serendra: 833.7374

Makati: 556.5109

Katipunan: 225.6330

Timog Avenue: 261.1611

SM Pasig: 209.8128

By the way, if your kids will ask why they need math, tell them that math is needed to make their iPhone work! And robots too! Which is why First Robotics (a company by Mathemagis) is also offering summer programs! Check out the details on the poster.



Make your summer count (literally and figuratively!)





Summer 2016: Kindermusik by CTEC with Teacher Dang

I’ve always been a fan of Kindermusik back in my preschool teaching days. And I’m amused at what my kids can accomplish at such a young age just by being exposed to these classes. I attribute Y’s “biba-ness” to Kindermusik. As early as 5 months, she can follow simple movements such as clap and tap. This summer, she’s enrolled at Kindermusik by CTEC with Teacher Dang.

File_000 (14)

Starting on April 5, there will be 12 sessions of music, movement and lots of fun for the whole family! I consider it my workout as Y is putting on the pounds and I’ve to swing, swoosh, bounce her! Teacher Dang is a superb teacher! I’m also learning a lot from her and encourages us to do the activities in the online courses. She’s a sweetheart and the kids adore her (even my not-so-friendly Z!) This is also where we’ve met some of our close mommy-and-baby friends!

Reserve a slot now and hopefully we will be classmates!

Kindermusik by CTEC with Teacher Dang

Main Branch:

Children’s Talent Education Center Inc.

285 Connecticut St., Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City

Satellite Branch:


26-B Agno cor. Cordillera Sts., Brgy. Dona Josefa, Quezon City

Telephone Numbers: 724-0705 / 724-25-43 / (0917)-838-3769

Summer Offerings 2015: Fit Kids PH

I’ve been looking for a worthwhile summer activity for Z since the year started. He needs the added activities while I have me-time or time for Baby Y. I also want him to adjust to a new routine as we prepare him for preschool this June. One program I’m looking at is Fit Kids. I chanced upon their ad on Facebook and inquired.


I like the slew of interesting activities they offer. I feel that it is well-rounded and my very active toddler will benefit from these. The location being just a hop and a skip away from us is also a big consideration since the traffic situation is getting worse. For each class, a maximum of 25 students will be accepted, and there will be 4 teachers and 1 coach who will guide the class.

They are having an early-bird promo! If you enroll your kid/s before February 15, you’ll only pay P 7,500. That’s for all 9 sessions in April! After that, the regular rate is P 8,000.

All of the necessary info are on the poster posted above. Let me know if you’ll be enrolling, your kid and Z might be classmates!