Splish, Splash!

It was a cloudy, first day of July. Daddy and Mommy decided that it’s time you take the plunge. And you (happily) did!

Weeeeee! 🙂

You stayed in the warm water for a 15-minutes with Daddy letting you “swim”. We’re planning to bring you down once a week, so you’ll be familiar with the water (and to get our condo due’s worth!). I’m excited to be in the water with you!

Do your kids love to be in the water?!

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  1. Elay

    Nathan does! Every bath time, kailangan may time rin siya magtampisaw sa mini tub nya. Hehe! Z looks so cute in his swimwear!

    1. Chesca

      Afraid lang ako magtagal sya baka lamigin!

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