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Z’s Colorful Afternoon

It was a colorful afternoon Z and I had with the SoMoms and Amspec, the makers of T-Pencil and Crayola at Gymboree Shangri-la (which is now closed, by the way). I grew up loving Crayola’s crayons and markers, 64 colors with a sharpener baby! And it is joy to see my son using a brand I’ve loved all these years. There’s also no need to worry as the pigments in Crayola products are all imported and has passed the European EN 71.3 testing. Even the labels are printed on acid-free, bleach-free paper with soya ink. Please be aware that even though the product is nontoxic, swallowing it in whole (or the marker’s cover for example) can still pose harm to a child. (#justsaying) It’s also good to note that these products are washable so there’s no need to fret when your artistic kid turns your wall or sheets into a canvass!

Excited for his first art class!

The children were given assorted Crayola products to use while waiting for the event proper to start. Z enjoyed exploring the Twistables, Pipsqueaks and Colored Pencils!

Seeing these transported me back to childhood!
Anika and Z coloring Gymbo the Clown!

I liked how Teacher Rain of Gymboree handled the class. She made me miss being a teacher!!! There was an introduction in the rainbow mat where the children were gathered. This is important to build the kids’ excitement and to give them an idea of what to expect in the coming activities. She also piqued the children’s imagination by letting them act out as the animals seen in a circus, which was the theme for the art projects.

Everyone’s ready!!!
Guess the circus animal!
Turn an everyday object into a work of art!
Storytelling is part of Gymboree’s art classes.

Did you know that Crayola also manufactures other products than coloring materials?! Through this event, I bought Z a set of Crayola Super Soft Dough. This is nontoxic and wheat-free. It is also less crumbly does not have that plastic-like smell other brands have. Crayola also has finger paints, scissors, papers and other art materials.

Super Soft Dough
His first time to play with dough!

 It was truly a wonderful afternoon — being crafty, meeting the SoMoms, letting Z play in Gymboree, having a scrumptious snack! Thank you Amspec for letting us create and celebrate colors with you!

Yummy in my tummy 🙂

To know more about Amspec’s T-Pencil, like their page HERE.

To know more about Crayola Philippines, like their page HERE.

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“Please be aware that even though the product is nontoxic, swallowing it in whole (or the marker’s cover for example) can still pose harm to a child.” Funny! dapat sumegue ka na about your yaya!:)
Nice meeting you there!

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