YML Asks: Beach Tips Please!

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It’ll be Z’s first time at a beach next month. And honestly, I don’t know what to expect! Since both my husband and I aren’t beach persons, I feel that we don’t have the necessary gear to have a smooth-sailing beach weekend.

So, I am asking you dear readers for tips, things to bring, what to expect (horror stories are welcome as well!) and anything that will help me be prepared for this trip!

I can’t wait for your sharing! But if you feel that the comment space is too short, you may send me an email at hello[at]youngmomlove[dot]com!

4 Replies to “YML Asks: Beach Tips Please!”

  1. First time we brought Franco to the beach, he was only 8 months old. We forgot to bring sunblock! We thought he’s still small and won’t be spending too much time under the sun, but even if it’s just a short period of time under the sun, there are still UV rays that can harm our baby’s delicate skin. So, that’s one, sunblock! Of course, Z must wear a rash shirt preferably long sleeves, cap/hat, flip-flops or beach shoes. You can also bring beach toys (pail, shovel, rake) and a small salbabida. A beach towel or banig would be nice to have. Have a great time at the beach! Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be fine!

      1. Sorry just saw your message. 🙂 Salbabidas are safe naman as long as with adult supervision. Get the ones na may belt/strap and floaters din. Tsaka we let franco swim sa calm waters lang. No swim diapers, tanggal diapers pag nasa beach! 🙂 Hope you guys will have a fun and relaxing beach trip!

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