The Shape Shop: Flattering Functional Fitness Fashion for Every Body

10 sessions in for Pilates class, hooray! I can feel the effects already – not getting tired easily, less backaches, and I feel stronger. I haven’t experienced any problems as I did before when I was going to a regular gym. Ten sessions in and one thought leveled up: if you can perform, all the more to japorm! (wise words from Jackie Go!) And the more I can japorm with the discovery of The Shape Shop.

The Shape Shop now available at Aura Athletica!

Patti Manuel Go has always been on the lookout for flattering, stylish and affordable active wear since she likes working out. Choices in the metro has always been futile, so she decided to come up with a fitness fashion line that would enhance and flatter different body types. Together with business partner Pinky Yee, their goal is to produce an active wear line that is both purposefully designed and aesthetically pleasing. With the addition of Ella Laxa Pangilinan, the brand now reaches out to younger customers who are fashion forward and body conscious. Sola by The Shape Shop offers innovative, flattering, comfortable and affordable workout clothes for fitness junkies. This collaboration is now available at Aura Athletica in PowerPlant Mall.

Pinky, Patii and Ella


Some may argue that you don’t need any special clothes to work out. Personally, I think wearing something nice during a workout makes you feel good about yourself already, thus, allowing you to perform better! Using clothes specifically for active workouts is not only comfortable, it is also hygienic! You want to sweat, but you don’t want to smell like sweat, right?! Here’s what I liked about The Shape Shop’s products:

  • two words: bra pads!
I also like that their tops have a pop of color!

Most of their tops have removable pads, so you don’t need to wear a sports bra anymore. You can also add more pads to your liking.

  • Pieces are thoughtfully stylish
This is the Miyuki leggings and it has a pocket!
Their first leggings, Mara, continues to be a bestseller!

Pockets, cut-outs, straps, nets… small details that make an impact. These leggings can take you from the gym to an errand in the mall! All of their leggings are high-waisted for extra coverage and support.

  • It is a local brand!


While the fabric is sourced internationally, The Shape Shop is thoughtfully designed and crafted in the Philippines!

  • It won’t hurt your budget.
I tried on the Trina top and Miyuki Leggings. Both comfortable and flattering. I look fit!

The cut, material and design does look posh, but the prices are very reasonable.

These wrap bras are super soft!

I can’t wait to see more designs! I heard they will have long-sleeved tops and jackets available soon. Drop by Aura Athletica to see all of their collection!

The Shape Shop




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  1. Tina Perez

    investing in at least ONE nice (japorms) workout outfit is i think very practical.

  2. Michi

    I’m lazy to exercise so I don’t have active wear but this is good news for active people because there is a local brand that offers workout outfit at a reasonable price.

  3. I’ve recently started working out at home – and you’re right, what you wear makes a difference! I used to just wear my usual house clothes since I work out at home, but wearing actual workout clothes gave me a bit more push. I’m going to check this out since I need more workout clothes!

  4. maricel

    It’s nice to have alternative shops. I just gave birth via CS so I need more months to recover before I can workout. I actually work out at home lang haha. Ang ganda ng designs ng top!

  5. Gracie

    Wow! I need this, I’ll check out their website.
    I also love that it is locally-made #SupportLocal

  6. Coi

    Love the designs! The workout clothes look so cute. I think having cute workout clothes as such would make you determined to workout more. IDK maybe it’s just me! Just looking at the photos makes me want to grab some and workout! 🙂

  7. Mommy Anna

    How I wish someday I can buy this one, too lazy to do any sports and exercise in short tamad ako :-). Hoping someday I will have a guts and strong will to exercise

  8. Jerzee Benavente

    Those are great designs. Hopefully, I can wear them someday, when I’m sexier. Lol!

  9. grace

    It looks nice on you, Mommy! I would also love to have one so I can achieve that “lose weight” goal na! 😀

  10. Ive been planning to shop for workout clothes for my long overdue gym enrollment session, hahaha! I really hope it will materialize soon! This local brand looks interesting.. I might check it! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  11. Berlin

    I love the designs and the fit. It is also commendable that they get E. Pangalinan as brand endorser to push ladies her age do some work outs. Oftentimes, we associate exercising and gym enrollment sa mga titas na. Ehehe. But hey, congrats on your pilates class. Good to hear about your progress and also the benefits.

  12. Maan

    The sports bras look adorbs, and leggings with pockets – finally! Checking out the shop now as I type lol

  13. Neri Ann

    The looks of the pieces makes you feel energized whenever your doing your workout. I will honestly go with the sports bra.

  14. Mabel Atienza

    Wow! I have actually been interested in doing yoga for a long time now but can’t find the time. If and when I start yoga, this will be my go to brand! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Nhessie

    might have to get a workout outfit or two soon as I recover from giving birth! hahaha…thanks for sharing!

  16. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    I used to dow workouts at home. It does make a difference what you wear. No matter that I was only at home and no one can see me. It’s nice to know that there’s a line of workout clothes available in the market already.

  17. Athleisure is on point right now so this is very current. You can wear this while lounging or even at the mall. I like how they designed pockets for the leggings, very convenient 🙂

  18. May Palacpac

    Aha, matingnan nga although I don’t think I’ll have the guts to wear it yet, haha. I’m planning on a fitness journey so this will come handy soon since I can’t afford to go for the pricey ones, but I don’t want less quality either.

  19. dane

    Yay! bigla akong nAATAT mg work out!!nakkaengganyong bumili at mg work out n kgd kaso kakapanganak palang! hahaha

  20. TweenselMom

    I want comfortable outfit when working out (hehe, walking lang, actually or badminton). Even if I don’t have the body to be stared at, ok lang sakin to wear those. I’ll make sure to check out this shop pag nadaan ako sa Powerplant 🙂

  21. Roselle

    Will check this items too. Will help me to dress up for hubby.

  22. Fab finds! Will check on this, I love the designs and of course let’s support local brands. 🙂

  23. Mhaan A

    I used to be a health buff a few years back and I invested more on my workout clothes than the usual ones. I will definitely check this one out since I just started my boxing journey with my husband this time. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Peachy

    These are nice work out clothes! I hope I can g back to working out soon.

  25. jared's mum

    These are nice! Am sure functional and comfy workout wear like these can surely motivate me to be up on my toes and shed some sweat! Haha! Checking their website next!

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