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Z is 5!

I can’t believe this handsome little boy is now 5 years old!

Photo by Lianne Baccoro
Photo by Lianne Bacorro

Unlike the past 4 years wherein there’s a full production for a birthday celebration, we opted to have pockets of get-together with close relatives. Maybe this is me, still in denial that I HAVE A BIG BOY ALREADY! Kinda hard to accept that my first baby is now an independent little man, wishing for his own bed and is not that clingy to me anymore!

Photo by Lianne Bacorro
Photo by Lianne Bacorro

You will always be Mommy’s favorite son, no matter how old you get. I can’t wait to go on more adventures with you and see the world through your eyes. I’m just so proud of how you are as a big brother to Y, who tests your patience sometimes.

Thank you for always making me cry happy tears, my love. To infinity and beyond.

2 replies on “Z is 5!”

Hi Chesca, it’s Mikli (from the grow your audience webinar)! Our sons are the same age pala! Hahaha AND my K is also bungi!! hehehe

Super saaaame, 5 feels like such a WOAH YOU’RE NOT A BABY YOU’RE A KID NOW age — super surreal!! Sobrang cliche pero yeah diba they grow up so fast?? <3

I just checked out your site and I think I’ll be up all night reading!

I think 5 will be a fun age! Too fast, but easier at this age, haha!

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