Hello 2018!

While waiting for the new year…

I didn’t plan anything big for 2017. It was such a steady year, with a couple of lows but I bid it with great memories. This year proved that I don’t have reach too far to make an impact – that I have what it takes to make a difference, in my own stay-at-home-mom way.

So, for 2018, I’d like to put myself out there more. The past year focused on re-learning about myself and this year, I  will take those new information to take on bigger responsibilities and challenge myself. I’m hoping for:

  • A healthy me;
  • More blog collabs;
  • Challenging parent rep duties;
  • Important milestones to plan for and;
  • New places to discover with the family.

This year feels promising. Can’t wait for its magic to unravel. Happy 2018, everyone!

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