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Z goes to HK – Packing List


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Here’s what I packed for Z for our 4-day stay in Hong Kong.

  • 6 pairs of top and bottom – it’s the number of days plus 2 extras. Make sure that you also have a good mix of sleeveless and long-sleeved ones.
  • Jacket – erratic weather was expected!
  • Hat – or in Z’s case, his Captain America bonnet!
  • 3 sleep wears – I packed the footed, long-sleeved onesies as it was cold in the hotel room.
  • 1 pair of shoes – that will go well with all of the outfits (I’m OC like that)
  • 4 pairs of socks – matching ones, please!
  • 20 pieces of diapers – we didn’t dare expect that we can buy from there.
  • 4 pieces of dry pad – for diaper-changing on the go.
  • Towel – Z uses the ones from Aquazorb.
  • 5 burp cloths – for the drools, spills, and what-nots.
  • Disposable wipes – J&J’s sensitive skincare wipes work best with Z’s bum.
  • Cotton balls – for washing the face.
  • Alcohol – we use Sterilium from the hospital. It’s not as drying as the usual alcohol. And if the doctors use it, it may be effective, right? There are several small bottles in all our bags.
  • Cetaphil – for Z’s hair and body and my face.
  • Cetaphil’s Restoraderm Lotion – for sensitive skin.
  • Calmoseptine – as Z’s bum is not used to being in disposables all day.
  • Paracetamol – just in case.
  • Salinase drops – just in case.
  • Nail Cutter and Nail File – why do baby nails grow so fast?!
  • Dr. Edward’s Water – We bought 3 small bottles which was more than enough.
  • Mosquito Patch – to be safe from dengue.
  • Insect Bite Gel – I ended up using it!
  • Sunscreen – SPF 50 was recommended to us.
  • Organic Oatmeal Cereal – which was put in a 3-tiered milk formula container. The mini containers also served as the serving bowls per day. I just added fresh fruits to the cereal.
  • Spoons – we had 2 heat-sensitive baby spoons from Mothercare.
  • Disposable Bibs – also from Mothercare. Very helpful in keeping the clothes spic and span.
  • Cycles Dishwashing Liquid and Sponge – yup, OC!
  • Bed Spray – you’ll never know…
  • Toy Cleaner Spray – this really came in handy as Z has started to enjoy throwing things on the floor!
  • Toys – we had not-so-noisy ones like Sophie the Giraffe and Panda’s Pals soft book.

Phew! It may look a lot but we managed to put everything in a small luggage along with our own things. Some items are also in the diaper bag and in my carry-on bag. I’m excited to travel again, as I’ll just use this list to pack for Z!

What are your family’s must-haves when travelling? Do share!

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A Proper Welcome!

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Welcome to my mommy blog aptly titled, Young.Mom.Love!

In here, you’ll get to read my adventures as a wife and mom; and consequently, the lessons I’m grasping in every turn of event. Some may call it “oversharenting”, but blogging about my baby is one way of keeping track of his development and activities, which is happening all too fast. I do hope I get to inspire other moms who are visiting but this is all new to me, so comments and story-swapping are all welcome here.

This site owes a lot of gratitude to the following genuises:

  • Dart Tiglao – for the blog hosting and unlimited tutorial sessions;
  • Dainty Mom Media – for giving me a jump start in blogging and for always being a source of inspiration as a mom and blogger;
  • Fancy Girl Designs – for translating what I want to a yummy-looking blog theme, which makes me giddy inside-out. 

And to YOU as well for taking time to read  my musings!

Enjoy your stay and I do hope you’ll come back for more!

Random Thoughts

Happy Daddy’s Day, Mr. Bry126!

It’s not often that I write about my other half. I’d like to think that we’ve outgrown the “virtual PDA” stage… we’re both in the “proud parent” stage; posting only pictures and updates of Z — oversharenting at its finest!

But, today is a special day, and you my love, deserve my blog’s center stage.

I am super blessed to have you as Z’s father. You are so good in this fathering mode that it’s surprising that you’re only doing this for 8 months. Since the time that we were pregnant, you were supportive in attending birthing classes and breastfeeding seminars with me. Right then and there, I knew that you would be as hands-on as I am in raising Z. And these seminars paid off as you always felt proud in telling Z’s birth story because you were there! I have also you to thank for a successful breastfeeding journey. Behind every breastfeeding mom, is a dad who chooses only the best for his child. Eight months of pure, direct breastfeeding is no joke and I am lucky because you understood why I wanted to do so. Let’s do it until Z doesn’t want to anymore, ok?!

Yes, they look like each other...

Up to this day, you are still always present in Z’s activities — giving him a bath, eating with him, going to Kindermusik class, roughing it up in the playroom… You can now say that you’ve achieved your dream of becoming a dad! You’ve embodied that term so dearly, and it makes me love you more and more and more…!

Mr. Bry126, you now officially belong in the “Happy Father’s Day!” celebration!