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What better way to start blogging again but on the first day of a new month, and a renewed domain!

Seriously, I’m looking forward to blogging again to have a creative outlet from all the mommy-thoughts I have throughout the day. And for my kids to have something to look back on in the future. More like a diary… which is why I’m throwing all the how’s and should’s I learned from blogging “experts” before. I think being too technical about it made it less fun. So now, I won’t be too concerned about the variety or sequence or views or statistics. I’ll just blog for fun and posterity’s sake!

Team Alejandro!

Can’t wait to share more of Team Alejandro’s adventures, discoveries, mistakes and realizations!

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Y’s 3rd Birthday

For someone *just* turning 3, Y was very focused on how the celebration should be! She had a say on every little detail and considers it to be her “happiest day ever!” and still talks about it until now.

She was very adamant that the party be held in her school so she will be able to celebrate it with her classmates. It was a good idea as they were only 20 kids in the school so allotting budget for snacks and giveaways weren’t that painful to the wallet and it was easy to DIY the invitations.

With her teachers at Discovery Barn Preschool.

For the kids: spaghetti, BBQ and puto from Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

For the adults: Garlic Rice, Chicken and Turon also from Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

So, for our My Little Pony-themed party, Y wanted to have ponies. And ponies she got! We had Make Believe Storytellers act out an interactive story starring Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Spike. Both kids and adults were laughing and moving to the story. It was a hit and my little birthday girl enjoyed every minute of it! I highly recommend their services as they really give what you want and would adjust to your needs.

Of course, a birthday celebration isn’t complete without sweets! For the second consecutive time, Bea of Bellefleur by Beatrix made Y’s colorful birthday cake! I had Y looking at pegs on Pinterest and she chose the design but said to only have one chocolate cake. So, that’s what she got and she was over the moon happy as we had cake-blowing in the school and at home. We also received cute, whimsical cupcakes baked by The Cake Project Manila. It had boiled icing which gave of the nostalgic feeling of a birthday party during the 90’s. Thank you Tita Marla for the cupcakes!

Speaking of sweets, we filled a Rainbow Dash pinata with lots of it! Thanks to Facebook, we discovered Kackie’s Pinata and she accommodated our order even with just a week’s notice.

And what’s a celebration without awesome pictures to remember it by?! Thank you Ripples of Life Photo and Video for indulging our family for a mini-portrait session after the celebration. I absolutely love how they turned out. Can’t wait to have them printed.

To my strong-willed baby girl, you bring a lot of color to our life. We love you soooo much, Y!

Cheesy Chessy

My Philosophy on Giving

Someone asked me what my philosophy on giving was a few months ago and I didn’t know how to answer.

But thinking about it now, and digging deeper into my core, I have a concrete answer.

Although it is a selfish one, it is something I know that will further fuel this passion I’m feeling.

I give because I want a brighter future and a better country for my kids. 

They say that your priorities change when you become a parent. And that has happened to me. I’ve become more mindful of my choices -using¬† cloth diapers, avoiding plastic consumption, healthier eating habits. But it doesn’t feel enough. I know I could do more. Last year, I’ve been open to more chances of volunteerism and the void I’ve been feeling got answered.

I fear that our country is going backwards. The only remedy for that is an educated generation. As a former teacher, going to pre-school should be fun and engaging. Which is why one of my birthday outreach is to fix a kindergarten classroom in a remote area in Bataan. I’m thankful that those whom I’ve shared this dream with has taken upon themselves to send me books, toys and materials that will help in this outreach. All of my kids’ contemporaries should have access to high-quality education to spare them of bad choices in the future.

And as I’ve learned, giving is not all about money or material things. It’s about giving a part of you to these people who do not know where to get hope or inspiration or that much needed push to believe in themselves. All it takes is one spark to light a fire. YOU ARE THAT SPARK.

This may seem ideal and far-fetched. But you know that feeling that gnaws on you?! It’s this. And I’m not letting go.