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Fight Like a Girl: Get Checked and Protected at HealthCube + a Giveaway

Just two years ago, a very dear friend passed away due to Breast Cancer. In her blog posts, she shared her medical treatment, what steps to take and would always remind her readers to get checked as soon as they suspect something. Breast Cancer may hit anyone, no matter how healthy you are. There is no proven way to prevent this disease. The best thing you can do is to self-check, monitor and have a regular Mammogram session if you’re 40 years old and above, with a family history of breast cancer. Early detection means you can get treatment before the cancer progress!

Do this regularly, ladies!
Do this regularly, ladies!

During the event, there was a lot of light bulb moments courtesy of the speakers and Health Cube’s in-house consultant for breast surgery. Let me share some of these thoughts:

You can get Breast Cancer even if there’s no family history of cancer.

70% of breast cancer cases are sporadic. It can really hit anyone. Chances are just increased when there’s history, when you’re nearing menopause, and when you don’t live a healthy lifestyle.

BUT using deodorant, underwired bras, having breast augmention and a mammogram does not cause breast cancer. These are all myths.

Breast Cancer is not a death sentence.

Breast Cancer can be treated with a curative intent especially when diagnosed in the early stages. There have been many testimonies of ladies bouncing back to their normal routine after fighting the cancer. And if you’re concerned about the aesthetic part, Dr. Sherry Lee said that breast reconstruction is an option most women take.

Early detection saves lives!

Dr. Sherry Lee cannot stress this enough! She’s had patients who suspected something was wrong but brushed it off, causing them more expensive treatments and sometimes causing them their lives. There’s a negative notion about a mammogram but I think the pain it will cause is nothing compared to what it may serve. HealthCube’s 3D Mammogram machine uses plastic parts, making it less painful.

3D Mammogram – P3,200

A positive outlook and faith in God help.

Doris and Liza, both breast cancer survivors remain positive. They’re both inspirations. I remember Doris saying something that it’s ok to cry for 5, 10 minutes, but get your act together! Liza is enjoying an active and fit lifestyle even though she had breast cancer just 3 years ago! From the two of them, there never was self-pity or questioning God. They faced the cancer head-on and won!

Ms. Doris Nuval is brimming with positivity!
A very fit Ms. Liza Scheneider!

Because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’d like to spread awareness that having a regular mammogram session (which only takes 10 minutes!) saves lives, there’s a giveaway towards the end of this post!

Coincidentally, women are also more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. This may be because we have less bone mass and during menopause when the estrogen levels go down, bone loss speeds up. HealthCube has the machine which can help in identifying the state of your bones!

Bone Densitometry Machine – P5,000

The Bone Densitometry Machine is an enhanced x-ray machine which measures the strength of your bones, thus identifying problems early on and enabling you to start treatment before the problems got worse. It is completely painless and emits minimal radiation. I had it the other day and it only took 10 minutes! I hope the results are favorable!

Are you ready for the giveaway?! This is open to all Metro Manila residents who can go to Health Cube’s Advanced Medical Imaging Unit in San Juan. The prize cannot be converted to cash. Please follow the Rafflecopter widget below to join.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note that only women above 40 can undergo a mammogram. For me, I had a manual check-up by Dr. Sherry Lee or you may also undergo breast ultrasound. For those joining who are below 40, you can opt to win one for a chosen lady. Just leave a comment on why you want her to have a mammogram. Good luck to those joining!



It was one of the eye-opening events I went to! Thank yoou Health Cube for the scrumptious food at Azabu and the life-saving information!


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Mothers Who Brunch x Discovery Primea [Part 2]

You can read the first part HERE.

On the 3rd floor of Discovery Primea, you’ll find the amenities offered in the hotel.


Yup, you read that right. There’s a chapel in the hotel. The Chapel of the Annunciation is solemn and serene with marble and wood design  It was designed by the same architect who made the Church of the Gesu in the Ateneo campus. This was my first time to see a chapel inside a hotel.

Masses are held here for the guests and staff.
Simple but eye-catching wood carving on the side panels.

Discovery Primea’s 37 Degrees Gym houses state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. No excuse to slack off in exercise even during a business stay or vacation!

TechnoGym is a high-technology gym equipment wherein you can save the exercise program you’re doing in a flash drive.
Favorite gym equipment haha!
Lift weights before indulging in the buffet!

The pool was very inviting and I think Y wanted to take a dip! Complete with lounge chairs and a pool bar, the 20-meter heated infinity pool is not to be missed!

Relax and enjoy the Makati skyline.
Relax and enjoy the Makati skyline.

What’s a day with the girls without shopping?! Luckily for us, the hotel has an in-house lifestyle shop, Lily, which sells locally-crafted goods like bags, shoes, dresses and home decor! They also offer gift-wrapping services.

You can also shop for toiletries, snacks, laundry materials.
Crochet goodies!
Girls and shoes <3
These dresses are hand-sewn by two ladies from Laguna. You’re sure to have a unique piece!
Abre Linea is one social enterprise I support!

After the tour comes the pampering! Terazi Spa is the only spa in the metro that offers hammam, a traditional Turkish ritual, where you’ll lie in a stone table and stay in the room that has temperature going up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Half of the group opted to have a full body massage or a facial, which they said was very relaxing! Actually, just being in the spa was relaxing enough for me since it smelled of lemongrass and eucalyptus! I can’t wait to go back and use the gift certificate they gave us!

Welcome drinks
Couples can opt to relax together here!


As for me, I chose to have my pampering at Toni & Guy. My hair was badly needing some attention and this invitation came at the right time! Sab, Helene, Mish and myself had our scalp and hair scanned by a Kerastase device, in order to know which hair concern should be addressed. I found out that my scalp is oily but my hair is dry! Kinda weird isn’t it?! But you have to remember that the scalp and hair are two different parts! So, the treatment they gave me was suited for my scalp and hair’s problems. And then, I got my hair cut and framed my face with bangs! I felt like a new person!

You can also go here even if you’re not a hotel guest.
So cool!
Getting scanned!
The status of my hair strands!
Some chemistry class proved to be useful!
The Kerastase products which I need to use!
My fringe! I wish I could have curls like that for everyday!

To this day, my hair still feels healthy! And the fringe helps in concealing my forehead, hehe!

Thank you so much Mothers Who Brunch and Discovery Primea for this day! Truly one for the books! Pampered, fed and refreshed! Just what this momma needs! Looking forward to our next brunch 🙂

Part 1 is about the rooms and dining options in Discovery Primea. You might want to read about it too!

Discovery Primea

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Toni & Guy

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Mothers Who Brunch

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How To Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke

The current theme of my life is “investing“. I’m investing on my health which is why I’m doing Pilates; I’m investing on this blog which is why I’m diligently updating it; I’m investing on my relationship with my husband which is why we’re having breakfast dates regularly now. In a sense, my “investing” is to ensure a healthy relationship with myself and the people I love – my passions in life.

But investing comes with a cost. And for someone who doesn’t have a regular paying job, I need to know how to make my money work for me, while I pursue these passions. Hey, I’m not getting any younger and the kids’ needs are increasing (in price and quantity!) So, I’m very happy when I received an invitation from Security Bank’s event aptly titled: How To Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke.


It was a gathering of mostly mommy bloggers and social media influencers who want to learn more about where to put their hard-earned moolah! Two momspirations shared their stories and reflections on how they are pursing their passions: Christine Dychiao and Monica Manzano.

Monica and Christine shared how they are pursuing their passions 🙂

I related more to Christine’s talk because she talked about shopping, hahaha! But, now that she’s practicing the KonMari method, she makes sure to only buy items that spark joy and of high-quality. She mentioned “thoughtful consumerism” and I think I practice that by buying from mompreneurs and supporting local brands. Like Tin, I also don’t have a problem using second-hand items – for my second baby, I welcomed all the used baby clothing because I know that she’ll just use it a couple of times.

One of Tin's shopping tips!
One of Tin’s shopping tips!

Monica’s story on the other hand, reminded me of the book “Dare to Fail”. Imagine using up all your money to buy a lot and build a house in a faraway province, without a back-up plan! Needless to say, they moved back to the city and rebuilt their lives. But because she is attuned with her passions, she bounced back and is now co-heading Flow Retreats, a business she gets to live her passions in!

Monica shared what she learned when her plans didn't work out.
Monica shared what she learned when her plans didn’t work out.

After hearing these two share their stories, I felt the need to sit down and reflect on how I can turn my passions into money-making ventures. I’m still thinking of the HOW, but now I know that I can start investing my money, so that even if I fail (like Mon), I’ll still be financially-stable. I think that’s the beauty of UITFs or Unit Investment Trust Fund – it is an easy and convenient way to invest your money in the financial markets.

More about this on

Stock Market, Investments, Trust Funds… These are all alien words to me, all the more that I should get Security Bank’s services. Professional investment experts will help choose the appropriate investment so that the client will get favorable returns. Minimum investment is just Php 10,000, which for me is not that scary to shell out, given that my money will be managed by a professional and I can track its performance through their website.

Different kinds of UITFs.
Different kinds of UITFs.

So, here’s my plan:

  • First, I need to think on how to turn my passions into profit.
  • Simultaneously, I’ll open a UITF account with Security Bank, because there’s no better time to start investing than now. I can just add funds later on.
  • To open an account, I’ll utilize Security Bank’s Human Switch Kit, so that I don’t have to deal with the traffic!

Isn’t it exciting?! I’ll keep all of you posted! Let’s all turn our passions into profit-making business!