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Relax at Thai Temple Spa

School is in full swing and I kinda got overwhelmed with what Z needs to accomplish in just the first quarter. So, if you’re like me, I know you’ll badly need some relaxing. And a massage sounds good, right?! Great news for the San Juan moms (and nearby areas), Thai Temple Spa is now open!

I appreciate that they focus on massages.

Rowena, Michelle, Cai and I decided to get the Thai Foot Massage. It was a great bonding experience because as you get your feet and legs some lovin’, you can catch up on chika! But if you really want to relax, you can opt to sleep and hide behind your curtain. I thoroughly enjoyed the foot massage! Though, I had to tell my therapist to lighten up the pressure a little, it was heavenly!

Cai and Michelle get their feet washed before the massage.
Ro and I’s turn. They used a foot scrub to ensure cleanliness.
Before they dimmed the lights, picture muna!

After the 60 minute Thai Foot Massage, Ro and I tried out their Back Massage for 30 minutes (add on to any service for P150). I stayed away from back massages before because every time I will avail of it, there would be that uncomfortable feeling. But Thai Temple Spa’s back massage didn’t give me additional pain in my back. I really felt my muscles unknot.

I learned that some massages should be done on the floor to ensure proper pressure is given.

I’m now planning my next visit to try out the Body Scrub! Though the place doesn’t have ample parking spaces, its price points, well-trained therapists and relaxing ambiance make it worth a visit.

Thai Temple Spa (12 PM – 2 AM)

G/F Unit B #103 Jose Abad Santos cor. Lopez Jaena Sts., Brgy. Little Baguio, San Juan City

(02) 576 7043

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Staycation at Conrad Manila

Our third staycation for this year might be the best one, yet! My mom has been telling me to book a room at Conrad Manila ever since it opened last year and I knew the perfect time to stay there was during the Pyrolympics. So, on the last night when France and Philippines will be displaying their fireworks show, we had the best seats available!


Everything about this hotel is picturesque! Upon entering the lobby on the 3rd floor, you will be greeted by the view of the Manila Bay in their floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Y and I were both stunned and must have had our jaws dropped at the scene.

Check-in time is at 3PM so you'll definitely be welcomed with this view.
Check-in time is at 3PM so you’ll definitely be welcomed with this view.

Since we were there for the Pyrolympics, we were advised to get a Suite. It was comfortable for our group composed of 5 adults and 2 kids. Both Z and Y were all “Wow’s” about our room, even asking if it was our new house.

The extra bed in the living room fit right in.
We stayed in a one-bedroom suite. The bed was really soft!
The kids couldn’t stop roaming around and inspecting every nook! That sofa can also be a sleeping area.
I wish I bought their robes! It was perfect for my lamigin skin!
You want space?! A massive bathroom awaits.
There’s a LED screen in the mirror if you want to have the TV as a background noise while in the bath.
You know you’re Pinoy if you get these as souvenirs, hehehe.


Before the show, we stuffed ourselves silly at the Executive Lounge located at the 7th floor where they have cocktail hour nightly. Unlimited alcohol, yeah! The food was really good so we expected the buffet breakfast to be at par.

And the breakfast buffet at Brasserie on 3 did not disappoint! For just P950 per person, you’ll be treated to two tables of pastries, a salmon bar, a selection of Filipino and Western breakfast staples, an assortment of Japanese sushi and Chinese dumplings and a juice bar! Yup, we were full until the afternoon!

After breakfast, you can lounge by the pool which is on the same floor. It was a little bit cold so we didn’t stay that long. A small part of the pool is just 2 feet so it’s perfect for little kids! They have lounge chairs and day beds around the pool so we were tempted to get a Corona to complete the experience!

Z and Y's Wawa.
Z and Y’s Wawa.


True to the hotel’s tagline, we left inspired and rejuvenated for another week! Staycations in an amazing place like Conrad Manila is the perfect breather for a yaya-less mom like me. Shout-out to JB Aquino for all the perks and suggestions. Thinking of booking again soon!

Oh by the way, here are some pictures of the fireworks taken using my Huawei P9.

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Getting Help from the Toilet Helper

With poor food choices, I’ve been constipated my whole life. I remember when I was preggo, doing number 2 was such a terrifying experience that I had to take medicines lest I want to give birth right then and there. There’s so much grunting and pushing that I’ve always resorted to drinking teas and worse, suppositories!


image from here

Thankfully, through Michelle, I was given a Toilet Helper to try!

IMG_20170224_102451_1 IMG_20170224_102538 IMG_20170224_102551

The Toilet Helper helps you achieve the proper pooping position, thus making you eliminate faster and without much fuss. It has helped me reduce being constipated and has not experienced any problem ever since.

So, how does it work?! You put the Toilet Helper by the toilet. And as you sit on the toilet, you’ll elevate your feet on it to achieve the 35-degree position – the ideal squatting position to eliminate seamlessly and comfortably. It doesn’t take too much space as it can just be pushed against the toilet when done using. Cleaning is a no-brainer as it can just be wiped clean with an all-purpose cleaner.

It’s definitely not just for adults as Z’s feet reaches it already and it lessened his grunting. No more dangling feet! I’ll post a pic of him sitting on the toilet but, it’ll be TMI!

So, getting help from the Toilet Helper is highly recommended! Visit their website now to order!

The Toilet Helper

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