Services Tried and Tested

Our Trip to the DFA

Philippine Passport

Because we’re already planning our HK trip this summer, Z needs a passport to join us. So, last Tuesday, we trooped to the DFA for his passport appointment. I was surprised at the efficiency of the DFA’s new system. Here’s how our trip went:

Services Tried and Tested

The New Breastfeeding Lounge at Shangri La Mall

I’m not sure when the new breastfeeding lounge was officially opened but it was only last week that I got to use it. The lounge is located between Crossing’s and Planet Sports. There’s a sign leading to it along with a female restroom. This is the second breastfeeding area in the mall (the other one inside Rustan’s, 3rd floor). We can nurse anywhere but I’m happy that Shang Mall is being a breastfeeding-friendly mall since we practically live there!

I love how roomy it is, especially when a lot of strollers would be put in. It is also ventilated really well. There are 2 changing pads  you’ll see upon entering. It was soft and cushiony. My only problem with that is the lighting fixture I needed to work around with to ensure Z’s clean bottom. They’ve also got 2 sinks but the soap dispenser is still empty.

Moving on inside the room, you’ll be greeted by 5 yellow orange chairs that doesn’t look comfortable. And it isn’t. I wish they could change it to a sofa-like chair with a wider opening. It was a bit narrow for me and Z and he’s just 4 months, what more a mom who needs to nurse a toddler. I also suggest putting pillows to help moms and babies be more at ease in a marathon feeding session. At the far end of the room sits a new refrigerator which is still not turned on and a sink.

The lounge has house rules such as no entry to male guests and no food and drinks other than water allowed. I can abide to these rules but who shall I tell in case someone’s not as there is no attendant inside.

I’m happy that Shangri La Mall is gearing up to be a breastfeeding-friendly mall. Next step is to put changing pads in all of their restrooms! I’m hoping that breastfeeding lounges doesn’t mean that we can’t nurse anywhere in the mall, recalling the incident in another mall. At the most, I’m pleased that our 2nd home is thinking about nursing moms like me!

Products Tried and Tested

Z loves: Next9 Cloth Diapers

This post is written for the Real Diaper Week Carnival with the theme “Real Simple. Real Diapers.”  We aim to educate and advocate the use of cloth diapers in the Philippines.  Please scroll below to read the other carnival posts about cloth diaper styles, how to’s or must haves. 

Every time I post a picture of Z on Facebook, I’d receive messages asking about his stuff. So, I might as well make a series of posts regarding the things we use 🙂

First up, Next9 Cloth Diapers. Even in the age of disposable everything, cloth diapers were on my things to buy list for the baby. I was scared of diaper rash and I knew the importance of “airing” out baby’s bottom. Bacteria thrives on moist areas, right?!

At childbirth class, I encountered a cloth diaper with velcro and I was wildly fascinated! Gone are the days of using scary safety pins and clips! But lo and behold, there was an even better innovation of the usual “lampin”; Next9 Cloth Diapers! I saw it in a stall in Shangri La Mall while scouring for baby stuff. I bought a pack of dark green ones with velcro. The pack contains 3 cloth diapers with inserts and costs P1,000. It promised the comfort of cloth diapers and the durability of disposables.

1 month Z
In a dark green velcro Next9 diaper

And it sure does deliver its promises! I’ve been using it since day 1 and have not experienced any mishaps with the pee’s and the poo’s. Although, I’ve to admit in using disposables during night time and when we go out, we’re now trying to use cloth diapers at night. Thanks to Jen Tan of Next9, she twitted me back, saying that we could just double the cotton inserts.

Currently, Z has 3 packs of cloth diapers: red, blue and denim. It’s a good thing that Next9 now utilizes buttons because the velcro ones wouldn’t close on my baby’s big thighs anymore. It is also easy to wash. Back in December when we had no help, I was the one hand-washing Z’s laundry. Even with poop, the diapers didn’t take a long time to be clean.

We love it because we get to save money and the environment. Z loves it because he is far from having diaper rash given that he has super sensitive skin. All in all, Next9 Cloth Diapers is one good baby buy!

Sleeping with double inserts 🙂

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