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Goo.n Diapers is now in the Philippines

Moms today are lucky to have a lot of options in baby care products. It gives us the freedom to choose which one suits our needs best; gives more buck to our money; and aligns with our values. And just recently, more imported brands have been making its way to our country because Filipino moms are discerning and meticulous about the products they use for their babies. One of these is Goo.n Diapers!

Goo.N Diapers is a leading diaper brand in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. It is known for its ultra absorbent core and super soft, dry, and breathable outer sheets that keep moisture away from your baby’s precious skin! Both tape and pants type can absorb up to 5 cups of liquid and remain dry.

After absorbing 5 cups, Goo.n feels dry and does not sag. But if it’s tearing up on the seams, I think it’s time to change it even though it still feels dry. 

During the launch, sisters and new moms, Jessica Kienle-Maxwell and Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez both shared how Goo.n is keeping up with their on-the-go lifestyle. They’re coping well with motherhood because their babies get uninterrupted sleep, all thanks to Goo.n!

Brand ambassadors, Stephanie and Jessica shares their motherhood stories.
Amber Smith-Folkman and Erik Menk, brand ambassadors of Goo.n also shared funny parenting anecdotes.

GOO.N offers premium (GOO.N Premium) and economy (GOO.N Friend) diapers. Each one comes in pants and tape variants depending on your child’s needs and diaper demands.

GOO.N Diapers are available in SM Hypermarket, Rustans, Robinsons, Lazada, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer, Unimart, Rose Pharmacy, Generica, Puregold (Duty Free), Landers, Baby Company, Fishermall. Alfamart, Cash and Carry, Alturas, and others, and comes in different sizes from Newborn to XXXL. SRP: GOO.N Premium Tape/Pant Super Jumbo – Php 680.00 and Jumbo – Php 420.00 and GOO.N Friend Tape Super Jumbo – Php 439.00, Jumbo – Php 229.00, Regular – Php 79.00

We received samples of Goo.n Premieum and Goo.n Friend. They also have wet wipes to complete the diaper changing experience! Large feels snug and right on my 2 year old (she weighs 12 kilos).

We have been experiencing issues with our usual diaper brand when we use it overnight. But, with Goo.n, there was no leaks, smell or discomfort! It was not sagging when she woke up that I wasn’t such in a hurry to change her.

Yes, this is Goo.n used overnight!

Babies and toddlers can really go on with Goo.n because it doesn’t stop them from playing or having a much-needed nap. I’m a convert and it is now listed in our grocery list. Y approves of it too!

Goo.n is available in convenient packs, making it easier to bring to the mall or out of town!

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Products Tried and Tested

Getting Help from the Toilet Helper

With poor food choices, I’ve been constipated my whole life. I remember when I was preggo, doing number 2 was such a terrifying experience that I had to take medicines lest I want to give birth right then and there. There’s so much grunting and pushing that I’ve always resorted to drinking teas and worse, suppositories!


image from here

Thankfully, through Michelle, I was given a Toilet Helper to try!

IMG_20170224_102451_1 IMG_20170224_102538 IMG_20170224_102551

The Toilet Helper helps you achieve the proper pooping position, thus making you eliminate faster and without much fuss. It has helped me reduce being constipated and has not experienced any problem ever since.

So, how does it work?! You put the Toilet Helper by the toilet. And as you sit on the toilet, you’ll elevate your feet on it to achieve the 35-degree position – the ideal squatting position to eliminate seamlessly and comfortably. It doesn’t take too much space as it can just be pushed against the toilet when done using. Cleaning is a no-brainer as it can just be wiped clean with an all-purpose cleaner.

It’s definitely not just for adults as Z’s feet reaches it already and it lessened his grunting. No more dangling feet! I’ll post a pic of him sitting on the toilet but, it’ll be TMI!

So, getting help from the Toilet Helper is highly recommended! Visit their website now to order!

The Toilet Helper

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Products Tried and Tested

#IbalikAngFeeling with Johnson’s Milk+Oats

My main issue with my daughter’s skin is that dry patches seem to appear out of nowhere. So, when we got sent the new Johnson’s Milk+Oats baby bath and lotion, we tried it right away!

Johnson’s Milk+Oat 200mL Baby Lotion (P168.25) and Baby Bath (P100.75)

Did you know that squeaky clean skin isn’t healthy at all?! That squeaky feeling means that the skin is dry and can lead to skin irritation. Aside from squeaky-dry skin, flakiness, oiliness and rashes are tell-tale signs of unhealthy skin. With Johnson’s Milk+Oats, you’re on your way to healthy, moisturized skin because of its two components. Milk Proteins have been effective in: protecting skin against inflammation; stimulating skin regeneration; and improving skin softness, smoothness and complexion. Oats, on the other hand, contains Avenanthramides which has anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thank you Johnson’s and Ogilvy for sending us this basket!

My husband and I have been long-time users of Johnson’s Milk Bath. So the addition of oats was kinda weird, for me at least. I thought there would be pulverized oats in the bath and lotion, which will be hard to wash off. Apparently, Johnson’s Milk+Oats also has the same consistency as the Milk Bath. No oat scrub! I liked the scent of this better, too! After a month of using, my daughter’s dry skin is hardly noticeable.

We like it so much we bought the big pump bottle! It makes great bubbles for the tub too!
We like it so much we bought the big pump bottle! It makes great bubbles for the tub too!

#IbalikangFeeling ng healthy skin with Johnson’s Milk+Oats! We bought the big pump bottle (plus a refill pack) at Unimart. It should be available in all leading supermarkets, drug stores and department stores. But if you’re scared to go out because of the traffic, do online shopping instead! It is available on Zalora and accepts different payment methods for your convenience.

Thanks again Johnson’s and Ogilvy for sending us the samples to try. My daughter’s skin sends her love!