Tried and Tested

Now Open: Active Fun in Shoppesville

We were thrilled to know that Active Fun has a branch very near to us! This means an easier way to plan after-school play dates. Z and Y checked it out and we liked what we saw.

The very cool wall climbing area!

+1 for having a restroom inside the play area premises.
I like to mop!
My OC boy packing away the stuff in the grocery.
Soshal! Raskorg for doctor’s tools.

The area is divided into two – a pretend play area and a more active playground type. You can go into both for P400/child/hour. I find an hour for both limiting so better to stick to one area if you won’t be staying for more than an hour.

The active playground has pads and foams all over for safety, though only foam benches are placed by the glass windows. There were 2 sets of slides short enough for kids ages 3 and up to go on their own. I especially liked the wall climbing area as it’s the first time I saw one for kids. It’s meant for kids 8 years old and above but I let Z try it and he got halfway through! It is spacious enough for kids to run around safely but I hope the management will put a limit as it may get crowded, especially if adults will also be going in.

For security, kids are given bracelet stickers and the designated person to pick them up is given a fetcher’s card. A restroom can be found inside the play area so there’s no need to go out anymore. There were a 5-6 staff present while we were there.

Hopefully, they get to maintain the state of the toys and facilities so they will be open for a long time! This momma needs to have a place to bring her energetic kids to, haha!

Active Fun

3rd Floor, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills

Cheesy Chessy

Hello 2018!

While waiting for the new year…

I didn’t plan anything big for 2017. It was such a steady year, with a couple of lows but I bid it with great memories. This year proved that I don’t have reach too far to make an impact – that I have what it takes to make a difference, in my own stay-at-home-mom way.

So, for 2018, I’d like to put myself out there more. The past year focused on re-learning about myself and this year, I  will take those new information to take on bigger responsibilities and challenge myself. I’m hoping for:

  • A healthy me;
  • More blog collabs;
  • Challenging parent rep duties;
  • Important milestones to plan for and;
  • New places to discover with the family.

This year feels promising. Can’t wait for its magic to unravel. Happy 2018, everyone!

Cheesy Chessy MomBrandLove

The Little Whisk

These cookies are out of this world amazing and delicious  Thank you @thelittlewhiskph for always completing my kids’ birthday celebrations

These cookies are out of this world amazing and delicious Thank you @thelittlewhiskph for always completing my kids’ birthday celebrations