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Now Open: Active Fun in Shoppesville

We were thrilled to know that Active Fun has a branch very near to us! This means an easier way to plan after-school play dates. Z and Y checked it out and we liked what we saw.

The very cool wall climbing area!

+1 for having a restroom inside the play area premises.
I like to mop!
My OC boy packing away the stuff in the grocery.
Soshal! Raskorg for doctor’s tools.

The area is divided into two – a pretend play area and a more active playground type. You can go into both for P400/child/hour. I find an hour for both limiting so better to stick to one area if you won’t be staying for more than an hour.

The active playground has pads and foams all over for safety, though only foam benches are placed by the glass windows. There were 2 sets of slides short enough for kids ages 3 and up to go on their own. I especially liked the wall climbing area as it’s the first time I saw one for kids. It’s meant for kids 8 years old and above but I let Z try it and he got halfway through! It is spacious enough for kids to run around safely but I hope the management will put a limit as it may get crowded, especially if adults will also be going in.

For security, kids are given bracelet stickers and the designated person to pick them up is given a fetcher’s card. A restroom can be found inside the play area so there’s no need to go out anymore. There were a 5-6 staff present while we were there.

Hopefully, they get to maintain the state of the toys and facilities so they will be open for a long time! This momma needs to have a place to bring her energetic kids to, haha!

Active Fun

3rd Floor, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills

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Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial’s PA TXT Card

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When I was a new mom, I consulted a lawyer friend if I should make a will indicating who I want to take care of my children should I die before they are well-abled adults, a la Raising Helen. Yes, you can say I was praning or over-acting but you can never be too cautious and prepared when you are a mom. And this is why I appreciate the partnership of Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial in providing the members of the biggest mommy community in the country, a Personal Accident Insurance.

So, why is it called PA TXT Card?

Because moms need convenience and efficiency, this personal accident insurance can be activated by just inputting a few taps on your mobile phone. Similar to the load cards of our youth (am I dating myself?!), there’s a scratch box that will reveal your certificate number, your proof of registration.

No paper work. No lines. No hidden agenda.

You read that right: this provides Php. 50,000 for one year.

I want one! How much is it to avail?

For just Php. 500, you get:

  • a Mommy Mundo Passport;
  • a Mom 24/7 Planner;
  • a Mommy Mundo Journey Box – a curated set of items depending on what stage of motherhood you’re in;
  • discounts, privileges, event invitations and;
  • a Personal Accident Insurance from Sun Life Financial!
What’s inside the Journey Box: lots of mom and baby approved products!


I think this is the only accident insurance that has this much perks!

Moms between the ages of 18 to 64 and do not belong to occupations under Exclusions Provision (which can be found in the packet) are eligible to apply. A maximum coverage of Php. 100,000 can be availed by enrolling two cards. This insurance policy provides protection for one whole year upon registration.

This is available during Mommy Mundo events such as the upcoming Expo Mom North happening on July 15 – 16 at Trinoma.

In case you still have a valid Mommy Mundo Passport, just present it during the event and you automatically get a PA TXT Card.

Present during the launch and contract signing are: Karen Casas (Chief Operations Officer Sun Life Philippines); Alex Narciso (President & Chief Agency Distribution Officer, Sun Life – Philippines); Riza Mantaring (Country Head & CEO Sun Life of Canada Philippines Inc.); Janice Villanueva (CEO & Founder Mommy Mundo); Jing Lejano (Content Head Mommy Mundo); Regine Chua (Marketing Specialist Mommy Mundo).



Made for moms.

Though, I don’t intend to use this insurance policy, it is good to have since there are little kids dependent on me. If ever, God forbid, something untoward happened to me, this can help my family make the first step financially. In a society where “insurance” connotes a negative impression, the Mommy Mundo and Sun Life Financial’s PA TXT Card may be a mom’s first step towards a brighter future.

Neva and I with Mommy Mundo CEO and Founder, Janice Villanueva.

I received monetary compensation for this blog post. Rest assured, all my opinions are genuine and from my heart.

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Committing to Focus on What Matters

After the birth of Y, I got overwhelmed with all the tasks I needed to accomplish. Add to that the insecurities I felt because a lot of people were commenting on how big I got. I was awashed with a flurry of negative emotions: sad, incomplete, lost. And it was hard to accept because I know that I should’ve been stronger and more attuned to my feelings.

Then I attended the Mindful Mom Re-Treat and that’s when it hit me: I wasn’t loving myself enough that I feel drained. Because you cannot give what you don’t have, you’ve got to love yourself in order to give love to the people around you! It was reiterated during the half day session that self-love is not selfish. It should be a vital part of who you are. Especially moms who goes head to head on a lot of challenges daily.

Yes, I kinda lost myself for a while. But, I’m slowly getting it back.

Just recently, I attended a small group session discussing points in Coach Pia’s book: Focus on What Matters. In the book, she developed The Clarity Framework, which helps individuals decide on what really matters in their lives. I’m still in the process of understanding it, but here are three things I’m committing in order to focus on what matters to me:

  1. Have a total mastery of investment in my Self.

I need to treat myself well, so that anything hurled at me, whether it be how my body looks or how I raise my kids will not affect me. I’ll be living according to my values and nothing can faze me. Having time for myself should be a non-negotiable! Be it my Pilates class, a blogging workshop, breakfast with friends or a moment of solitude in the bathroom – I need to put myself in the priority list. Which is why I like Mommy Mundo’s 24/7 Planner because it has a space for MOM and a separate space for the kids, giving the thought that yeah, there should be activities you should be doing for YOU.

2. Never react in fear or pride.

We tend to react instantaneously and most often than not, these reactions stem from fear or pride. But as a mom, I should be wary that my emotions, words and actions deliberately affect my kids. So, it wouldn’t hurt to calm down, give myself a few minutes (or days!) to react. For example, my child tripped. If I’m reacting with fear, I’ll probably go “OH NOOO! Let’s go to the hospital!!!”. If I’m reacting with pride, I’ll go with the lines of “There. You see. You’re being stubborn, that’s why you tripped.” So, what does this do to your child?! He will not have time to process what has happened and immediately feel a lot worse. I don’t want to be the OA mom I was once. My kids deserve the best version of me, not someone paralyzed by fear and pride.

3. Forgive myself.

There’s always a room for improvement and lessons to be learned in every tribulation. I need not wallow in pity as it will affect our whole family.

With these new realizations, I decided to rebrand my blog (and life for that matter!). I will now be focusing on rediscovering myself through motherhood. There will still be posts about my kids and products related to them but may be in a different perspective. I hope you’ll join me in this new journey.

Ready?! I know I am 🙂