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ExpoKid 2017 Discoveries

Summer’s fast approaching! That means it’s time for the kids to explore what’s beyond the four corners of the classroom. Here are a few discoveries we made when we visited ExpoKid last week that you might want to check out:


In this day and age, learning how to make a computer work is a must. In Young Coders, kids as young as 3 years old can learn the fundamentals of operating a computer. Of course, all classes are done in a fun and creative way. Classes start on April 3 and here’s their schedule:

Code and Play (3-4 years old) MWF 10 am – 12 pm

Code and Explore (5-7 years old) TThS 10 am – 12 pm

Code and Animate (8-10 years old) MWF 1 – 3 pm / TThS 3 – 5 pm

Code and Design (11-12 years old) TThS 1 – 3 pm

Code and Construct (13-15 years old) MWF 3 – 5 pm

A 6-session package costs P6,500 while a trial of one class costs P1,500.

Young Coders | Unit 10, G-square 212 Wilson St., Brgy Greenhills, San Juan City | 09564192869 | Facebook | Instagram


Z would love to join the Junior Astronaut Academy but he’s underage (minimum age is 7). But this is really cool! We’ve all been curious about what astronauts eat in space and how it feels like to walk on the moon. There will be two runs this summer and each costs P11,800 inclusive of: flight suit, cadet kit and astronaut snacks. Schedule is as follows:

April 17 – 21, 2017 | 9 am to 4 pm | Science Centrum, Riverbanks Center, Marikina City

April 24 – 28, 2017 | 9 am to 4 pm | Diliman Preparatory School, Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City

For more info about them, follow them on Facebook or call: 09183675006.


I’m sure your summer get-togethers are all lined up. Why not turn your party into a creative pursuit for the kids?! Kiddie Art Kart offers packages like painting on canvas, foam mosaic art and crown and hat making, which will give the children a few unplugged hours and a chance to create something with their hands.

Kiddie Art Kart | | Facebook | Instagram


Another coding class! Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge or JACK aims to provide a high-quality learning experience for children in a fun and engaging environment. I myself want to learn how to let a BB8 droid move or make my own Minecraft-inspired game! Children as young as 7 years old can enroll without any coding experience. Visit their website for the courses offered.

JACK | | | 09778410482 | Facebook


If you’d prefer to stay home to avoid the sweltering heat, Oli’s Boxship can provide hours of fun to your child! It’s a box delivered to your home which has 2-3 activities that centrals around a theme, like solar system or animals. This themed subscription box is designed for kids 4-9 years old and will help develop their intellectual and motor skills while honing their ability to express themselves. I think I’d try one out for Z and Y! A one time subscription costs P980 and it includes all the materials for the activity.

Oli’s Boxship | | Facebook | Instagram


Z and Y enjoyed their yoga session last October and I think it’s a must for kids today to learn yoga since this helps them be calm and focused. Up to now, we try to practice some of the poses, especially when were all agitated.

Kids Yoga Philippines | Facebook

I hope this list helped you plan out your spectacular 2017 summer!




Cheesy Chessy

Preschool Homeschool

Mariel from the was the speaker that afternoon.
Mariel from the was the speaker that afternoon.

Over the weekend, my husband and I attended a seminar about starting your preschool homeschool. I was really intrigued with homeschooling families and wanted to see how it can be done, given that I have a teaching background. There were a lot of light-bulb moments and new pieces of learning all throughout the session.

You are your child’s best teacher.

Even if you don’t do it on purpose, your child learns A LOT from you. They thrive on modelling and imitates most of the behavior and actions they see from you. And who better to teach them values that you hold importance to but you, right?! At this stage, instilling values and self-help skills are far more important than learning how to read or write.

Every day is an opportunity to learn.

For toddlers 2 – 3 years old, 20 minutes of intentional time together is enough. However, I realized that even if I don’t mean to, Z and I always have learning opportunities. For example, when I give him a bath, there’s identification of body parts, following directions, cause and effect, experimentation, observing and inferring and a whole lot more! Then when we bring him to different places, there’s also new concepts to learn, without the pressure of assessment, grades and school-related tantrums!

Use technology to your advantage.

Well… Mariel vehemently said that she was against using technology with teaching her kids. I admit that we let Z use the iPad but not without supervision. I don’t think we’re killing his brain cells, instead we download apps that will help him learn some of the concepts often discussed in preschool. I’ve also observed some of the games he enjoyed using the iPad and played it with him in real life. Like when he played memory cards, I made memory cards with his favorite cartoon characters and we had hours of fun!

So… will Z be attending school anytime?! I don’t think so given the pieces of learning I got from the seminar. But will we continue homeschooling until big school comes?! That we still have to pray hard about and see the needs of Z first.

Cheesy Chessy

Adjusting to a Toddler

Z turned 1 and *poof* the baby I had was gone. He’s now a toddler. And I’m taken aback by how soon he is displaying “toddler” characteristics, when he JUST turned a year old!

He is now very mobile. By that I mean that he does not want to hold on to anything or someone when walking. He is very confident in taking steps already but I’m scared that he might fall and bump his head. We really need to baby-proof the house but we’ll be moving soon, so I’m still not sure how it will be done. Here’s a video of Z walking in the playroom:

It was very helpful that the other yayas in the playroom were cheering on Z as it was his first time to walk alone for that long. Positive vibes do help a lot! But I think it got to him so much, that the next day, he went down the bed and walked ON HIS OWN! When I saw him, I almost fainted! (yup, we need to work on baby-proofing the house!)

As a developing toddler, Z is also showing more of his personality. I’m glad that he’s still got that sunny disposition and smiles often. Though at times, there’s already signs of power struggles when he insists on what he wants. One time, he did a “toddler tantrum” which I wasn’t ready for. Thankfully, I follow a lot of experienced moms on Twitter which offered a lot of suggestions on how I should handle tantrums the next time it happens.

Z is also more vocal on what he wants by babbling and pointing. He also responds more when asked familiar questions such as “where’s Mr. Sun?”. When reading books, he points to the pictures and babbles, which for me means that reading to him early on has paid off! His toys are also getting a lot of playtime since the throwing stage is already subsiding. He’s now sitting down to play with the shape sorters, stacking rings and cups and the ball drop.

My toddler eating on his own!

The coming days will prove to be challenging as he discovers more things to do. I fervently pray to have the patience and strength to keep up with his energy!

Hey Zoren boy, you’re growing too fast and Mommy can’t keep up. But I’m really proud of you. Just a week of walking alone, and you look like you’ve been walking for months! I’m happy to see you have that smug look on your face whenever you’d walk alone. Just take your sweet little time achieving your milestones, honey. No one’s rushing you. We both know you’d get there. Mommy loves you with all her heart.