MomBrandLove: Meryll Dy of Mighty Baby Philippines

MomBrandLove is the newest category on this blog. This is in awe of mompreneurs who lovingly put a lot of effort in their business along with juggling tasks for kids, husband, the home and everything in between! I hope that my blog will be an avenue for other moms to discover mom-made products. Moms support moms, yeah!

The K(orean)-Fever has taken over our televisions, facial care, food and now, baby care products! I’m really happy that the pioneer of bringing in Korean baby products to the Philippines, Meryll Dy, has officially launched her brand, Mighty Baby Philippines!

Meryll aims to bring in products which promote a closer bond between mother and child. Mighty Baby Philippines is composed of the following brands: I-Angel, Mother-K, K-Mom and Ecomom. All these brands are of top-notch quality and well-loved by a lot of parents and babies! All these brand guarantees that theirs is a safe choice, especially for items that are used for breastmilk or food. I’ve been a long time user of the Ecomom and you can read my review here. The Mother-K Baby Zipper Bags are also a staple because it helps me organize our baby bag and toys. Its different sizes can be used for storing a lot of things.

And because Meryll is expecting her second bundle of joy, her nesting instincts have paved the way for her very own showroom! You can now view and road test all of her brands in just one place! The place feels homey with a touch of whimsy because of the colorful wall accents. I love that the place was a collaboration of Meryll and her sisters! It truly is a family project! It is conveniently located in San Juan, which makes it accessible for everyone as I feel that it is middle ground for the North and South moms!

The VIP card entitles you to a 15% discount for purchases made in the showroom!

Mompreneurs like Meryll can really be trusted with the quality of their products because you know that they personally use them! I’m ecstatic for her because I know how hard she’s been working to put these brands out in the Philippine market. I’m excited for what’s to come next now that her brands have their own house!

Mighty Baby Philippines

Unit 309, TNA Building, 17 Abad Santos St. San Juan

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