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Let’s Co.Lab!

I like spending time with the SoMoms because I get to discover new things. For today, I found out about Co.Lab. Co.Lab is basically a place where you can have a satellite office. I can see myself sitting in one of those desks and I can just blog the day away. They have small (good […]

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A Z Story: Gift Registries

My most favorite gifts that Z received was from my gift registry at Mothering Earthlings! This shirt from Googoo and Gaga is so soft to the skin! I will order some more! We also received the Learning Years Memory Book which will be useful when Z starts schooling. And another miracle item is the Indigo […]

Products Services Tried and Tested

YoungMomLoot [The Premiere Episode]

I’ll try to do this on a monthly basis – sharing my cool purchases with you moms! Because we all know that retail therapy indeed works <3 Let’s start of September with a positive vibe, shall we?! Presenting the things I’m currently loving: Forgive my photoshopping skills, this is the first time I’m tinkering with […]