Food-filled Summer Activities

I can’t believe that summer time is over and both kids will be starting school in just a few days! Here I am reminiscing about our food-filled summer activities that I hope will be etched in my kids’ memory banks.

No-Fuss Picnic

We wanted to have a leisurely breakfast, so we a got a mat, any food we fancied and sat down for almost 2 hours! No planning involved. Both Z and Y enjoyed and got to try different kinds of food.

#BakeOutoftheBox with Flour Plan

Like me, Z has a sweet tooth and a weakness for Crinkles (See my #CrinklesChronicles on Instagram). I chanced upon Flour Plan online and I thought it would be a great activity for us. Flour Plan makes baking easy for us moms because all the materials you need are included in the box (except for perishable items like egg and milk). The ingredients are pre-measured so you’ll just have to follow the cooking procedure. The steps were easy to follow, even non-bakers can make it! We made A LOT of crinkles to share with every one in the house!

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DIY Pizza

I think kids are more open to trying out new food items when they’ve played with it. Such was the case when we made our own pizzas! Z and Y devoured the mushrooms, ham, onions, and cheese – even before the pizza got cooked!

Colored Bread

Here are the ingredients you need to make colored bread:

  • White Bread
  • Milk
  • Food Color
  • Sugar

Follow these steps:

  1. Divide the milk into different containers, depending on the colors you want to make.
  2. We experimented with the number of drops per food color and made cute combinations.
  3. You may use a brush or dropper to put the milk into the bread. Just make sure it won’t get soggy.
  4. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar to taste before toasting it.
  5. Serve with a little butter on the side and enjoy!

Food proves to be a common interest in my kids and I like that! I look forward to more foodventures with Z and Y 🙂

What were your memorable activities this summer?!

Cheesy Chessy

The Weekend That Was: Disney Live, Kiddie Party and Pizza Bread

It was a busy weekend for us! First stop was the gala showing of Disney Live! Three Classic Fairytales. Can I just say that I can never get used to the traffic situation on Edsa?! It took us 2 hours to reach MOA Arena!!! Z fell asleep in the car so he was a bit cranky at the start of the show. But I really think he enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse on stage and eating lotsa popcorn.

I wish MOA Arena will elevate seats accordingly so everyone will get the best view possible.
I wish MOA Arena will elevate seats accordingly so everyone will get the best view possible.

It was my god-daughter’s 1st birthday party so we trooped down south again to attend the brown and pink themed party. I was amused at how well-behaved Z was… Or it might be because of the candy buffet?! He even enjoyed the puppet show and lined up to get his loot bag.

Attacking the marshmallows!
Attacking the marshmallows!

We didn’t have a helper for the weekend. To refrain from ordering out, I pre-made Pizza Breads and stored them in the fridge. We just had to heat it for 4-5 minutes in the toaster. The Butter Toast from Bread Talk makes for a great Pizza Bread as it is big and thick. Ours had a lot of toppings and it didn’t feel too cramped. Top with lots of grated cheese and it’ll taste the same as a store-bought one!

Our Pizza Bread with ham, pineapple, mushrooms and lots of cheese!
Our Pizza Bread with ham, pineapple, mushrooms and lots of cheese!

And can I just share?! I love this Kylene Dress from Elin! It’s comfy enough to run around Z and a bit stylish to still look polished. I am also in love with the color! Matches well with my polka dot Cath Kidston diaper bag heehee!



I hope you had an awesome weekend as well!